Siem Reap: Days 5 to 7

I stayed in The Twizt Lifestyle Hostel for my last three nights in Siem Reap. Even though the hostel is in downtown Siem Reap I didn’t do much exploring except going out for meals. Most of the time I just chilled in the dorm room, did some writing, and watched YouTube videos. I also hung out at the rooftop swimming pool a few times.

The temperature is so hot here and I wondered about how global warming affects this region of the world. I think the rising 1.5 C is much apparent here than it is in northeast US since the temperature is already hot here. I don’t know how anyone can stop global warming on an individual basis, but I try to live in a minimalistic way so that I don’t contribute much to my carbon footprint. It makes a very small difference when I refuse to purchase materialistic goods, but at least it’s something. I think we can all do better by curbing our consumption so fewer things are manufactured, produced, shipped, consumed, wasted, recycled, and buried.

I just had breakfast at a cafe near the hostel and I’ll be taking the 8:30 AM bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. I enjoyed my stay at The Twizt Hostel even though it’s much quieter than the White Rabbit Hostel. I was able to get good sleep without much interruption. I didn’t talk much to anyone here since the atmosphere isn’t very social, but last night I talked briefly to a traveler from South Korea. She’s been traveling for three years and will go back home in two weeks. I can’t imagine myself traveling that long. I’m already tired of traveling after nine and half months.

Since I had a lot of time to think, I thought about the things I want to do when I get back home. I wish I was home now. Just two more cities and less than two weeks away I’ll be home. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life after traveling.

The rooftop pool at The Twizt Lifestyle Hostel

Morning coffee

Street in Siem Reap in the early morning

A street vendor with her food cart

Lort Cha with a chive bun

Description of Lort Cha