This site is a collection of my 2018 solo bicycle journey across America in 100 days, my quest to become a minimalist and be financially free, and my photography. Hope you enjoy!


I think everyone should write a manifesto to live a life they want. Here's mine, written in 2016.

I am an explorer of life, both in the physical space and in the mental realm. I seek riches. They are memories, experiences, talents, knowledge, and wisdom.

To achieve these things I need to learn, travel, and experience as much as I can in life. Thus, I grant myself to make mistakes and to celebrate my wins.

I also know that my emotions are subjective, so enjoying every single moment is the key to a beautiful life.

I must do what I love and do them often. I must share with the world with what I have. And I must help others when I can. Because I want to leave a better world than the one I arrived.

Remember that I'm capable of much more than I think.

And do good. Always.


  • Zhaoism - The Autobiography of Hiatt Zhao: The First 25 Years (Kindle ebook and paperback from Amazon: USUKDEFRESITNLJPBRCAMXAUIN)



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