As an older millennial, I started my financial freedom journey late. I'm 36 years old (in 2020) and only found out about FIRE just in the last year or so. My goal is more about financial independence rather than retire early.

Like most people, I want to be free from the constraints that money has, which includes the worry and fear about the lack of money. I don't think of money as the end-all-be-all, but more as a tool. Just like a hammer is a tool to push down on nails, money is a tool to achieve financial freedom.

I also use this blog to document my journey living with minimalism. I always like the idea of having fewer things and having a clear mind. I've been living this way for a long time, but I don't go into the extremes of having nothing or try and have everything. To me, minimalism is a mindset so that possessions don't possess me and I'm free to do whatever whenever.

It's my hope that this blog can help you in some way and provide an insight into my journey of financial freedom and minimalism.


I think everyone should write a manifesto to live a life they want. Here's mine, written in 2016.

I am an explorer of life, both in the physical space and in the mental realm. I seek riches. They are memories, experiences, talents, knowledge, and wisdom.

To achieve these things I need to learn, travel, and experience as much as I can in life. Thus, I grant myself to make mistakes and to celebrate my wins.

I also know that my emotions are subjective, so enjoying every single moment is the key to a beautiful life.

I must do what I love and do them often. I must share with the world with what I have. And I must help others when I can. Because I want to leave a better world than the one I arrived.

Remember that I'm capable of much more than I think.

And do good. Always.

FIRE Timeline

To keep myself accountable, below are my financial goals to reach FIRE. I hope I can beat my projected net worth in the future years.

Current net worth: $132,000
  • 2020 (Age: 36) - Net worth: $89,000
  • 2021 (37) - Projected net worth: $170,000
  • 2022 (38) - Projected net worth: $250,000
  • 2023 (39) - Projected net worth: $330,000
  • 2024 (40) - Projected net worth: $415,000
  • 2025 (41) - Projected net worth: $500,000

My Books

I've published a few photography books a few years ago. I've taken them down since then. However, I might republish them again and add a few others. Below are the books currently in print.
  • Zhaoism - The Autobiography of Hiatt Zhao: The First 25 Years (Kindle ebook and paperback from Amazon: USUKDEFRESITNLJPBRCAMXAUIN)

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