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Eating Healthier on My Way to FIRE

A few weeks ago, I re-watched the movie Food Inc. After watching it again, I realized that I don't want my food to be controlled by big agriculture companies where all the food is tainted with antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Therefore, I decided to buy organic and local foods.
I started shopping at Whole Foods Market and looked out for organic food at Wegmans and other grocery stores. I also started going to the local farmers market to buy grass-fed meats and cage free chickens. What I realized is that organic food is more expensive than conventional food. But I figured that I only have this one body and I should take care of it as best as I can.
Then I did some research while Google provided me some useful advertising, and to my surprise there are ways to buy cheap organic food. I decided to try out a subscription service called Misfits Market.
I picked the small Misfits box that ships to me every other week. I get a bunch of organic vegetables and fruits for $26.50 includ…

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