Cebu and Manila, Part 3

I came back to Cebu after Bantayan and stayed for two nights in Mandaue City, then I took a flight to Manila and stayed for one night. Today, I’m flying to Singapore at 2:10 PM.

I didn’t do much in Cebu and Manila and I don’t have any photos to show, so this post is more of a summary.

Overall, I enjoyed my second time in the Philippines. I had a great time in Palawan and wished I was there the first time with Chris and Christine. I realized that I don’t really like Filipino cities, such as Manila and Cebu, and prefer the beaches. Thus, I was very grateful that I went to Bantayan with Michelle, a friend I had met the last time I was in Cebu back in November.

If I was financially free I would consider retiring in the Philippines, probably in Port Barton since it’s less touristy. But then again, I tend to get bored easily so maybe it’s better to not settle in one place for too long.

Michelle and I had some great conversations. One thing we talked about was my career. Maybe I should shift my focus from programming to a managerial role when I get back to the US. I might be better suited in managing and leading people since I’ve read many books on business and positive psychology over the years, and I might just have the personality for it. One thing for certain is that I want to continue learning and advance my skills.

I’ve been traveling for over seven months in total, and in Asia for about six months. I feel this concludes the first part of my traveling in Asia. I have about five or six months to go if I continue with my travel plans, which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia. I might not go to Australia and New Zealand this time since it’ll be winter there and they are the more expensive countries.

I hope the next part of my travels goes smoothly as well. Stay healthy and safe. Have fun and enjoy the memories.


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