Taipei, Part 2: Days 20 to 26

Last night, I slept for 17 hours. That's a new record for me. But the night before I only had about 5 hours of sleep. The reason my sleep schedule is off is because I've been working.

I'm making a new photography website that will feature brand new photos that I've never shown before. They are all from my abstract architecture reflection series. I've been busy sorting, selecting, and editing the photos for the past 5 days. The website will allow visitors to view and purchase my prints directly all in one place.

The impetus for starting, or rather restarting, a photography website is when I had a conversation with my friend Crispin. I was wondering how I would fund my travels indefinitely and he suggested that I should sell my photos. Though I've had several photography websites before, I've never successfully made a website where visitors can purchase my photos with ease. I'm hoping to get this website done before my 40th birthday.

Today is also election day in Taiwan. When I woke up today, no one was at the apartment. I bet most of them are out voting. It's an important election, like all elections. Taiwan will decide its fate to either align itself closer with China or be more independent. As a Chinese-born American currently living in Taipei I just want to see peace in Taiwan and China, but it's hard to predict the future.

I haven't done too much in terms of exploring. However, I did meet up with a Couchsurfer named Pepi. She's an African American English teacher in China. We, along with her hostel friend, went to Maokong and rode the gondola. That same night, I met with Nina, a date from CoffeeMeetsBagel. We had a good time chatting, but nothing came of it. I think it's very hard to date when traveling and most people don't want a long term relationship.

Two days ago, I bought a new digital camera. It's the Canon PowerShot SX740 HS that cost about $411 USD, including a memory card. It has a very long zoom range and it is very compact. I hope to take more photographs as I travel. Maybe I should set that as a goal so I won't get bored traveling.

Drunken Moon Lake

Cranes at Drunken Moon Lake

Some kind of a bird

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, again

Changing of the guards

Riding the gondola in Maokong


Me, Pepi's friend, and Pepi

The sun was setting as we rode the gondola back.

The amphitheater in Daan Park, which is my favorite park in Taipei

Taipei street scene

Canon PowerShot SX740 HS