Taichung and Sun Moon Lake

I continued to make my way from south of Taiwan toward Taipei in the north. I stopped in Taichung for four nights and spent two days walking in Taichung and one day riding a bicycle around Sun Moon Lake, which is about two hours east of Taichung by bus. My cold is better now and it's mostly gone as of today. I'm glad I still have my sense of taste and smell so I can enjoy the great food in Taiwan.

On Saturday, I walked to the Liuchuan Riverside Walk and took a stroll along the river. I took some photos at the Painted Animation Lane, which is a street that has anime paintings on the walls. Then I went to Shenji New Village, where there were a lot of local shops. Afterward, I walked to Calligraphy Greenway and the National Museum of Natural Science before coming back to the hostel.

The next day, I had a brunch date with a woman named Bella at Hausinc 1035. We then walked to Taichung Park and hung out there for a while before come back to have ice cream at the famous Miyahara.

Yesterday, I took the bus to Sun Moon Lake. I rented a bicycle for NTD 200 for the whole day, which is a good deal since some bike rental shops charge NTD 300 for the first two hours then additional money after. It took me four hours to ride around the lake, including a lunch break in the Ita Thao Shopping District. I had a good time overall, but at some parts I had to walk my bike since the hill was too long and steep. I'm glad I only did a day trip to Sun Moon Lake. There's not enough things to do to warrant an overnight stay.

Today, I will take the train to Taipei.

A street in Taichung

Taichung Second Market

Liuchuan Riverside Walk

My favorite anime, Dragonball, on the walls of Painted Animation Lane



Studio Ghibli

Taiwanese version of The Little Library

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Shenji New Village

Hanging out with Vincent Van Gogh at a cafe

Calligraphy Greenway

National Museum of National Science

Strange bird in spotted in Taichung

The stream on Luchuan Street

Brunch at Hausinc 1035

Taichung Park

Miyahara headquarters

Shuishe at Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake

Rental bike

On the other side of the lake

Ita Thao Shopping District

Farmlands near Sun Moon Lake

One more photograph of Sun Moon Lake


  1. Sun Moon Lake looks wonderful.

    1. It is. A great bike ride, too!


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