Cebu: Days 5 to 9

On Monday, I stayed overnight at the Noble Cebu hotel. I was disappointed that the swimming pool wasn't open on Mondays due to cleaning. Charm, the girl I had met from two day ago, along with Chris and Christine, and I went to dinner at Yang Hero, the Chinese restaurant that we went to before. We played pool at the arcade in the Ayala Mall afterward.

On Tuesday morning, Chris and Christine came to the hotel and the three of us hung out in the pool for about an hour. I checked into Murals Hostel and Cafe once again for three nights. Chris ended up booking the Alba Uno hotel for Wednesday and Thursday nights so I only stayed in the hostel for one night even though I paid for three nights. It was a waste of money for me.

I didn't do much at the Alba Uno hotel. The only thing I did was to get my backpack patched since there was a hole. The mending cost was 80 PHP, or about $1.50 USD. The woman did a great job sewing the hole that I can't even tell the hole existed. The next day, I took three long naps. I felt so tired and it also rained the whole day. Chris and Christine worked remotely at coffee shops so I didn't hang out with them until 7 PM or so.

I met a Couchsurfing host named Fatima on Tuesday night. We met at a music bar called Cubana and listened to a cover band. The next night, we met again at IT park and played some pool at the arcade. I enjoyed meeting local people and they gave me many recommendations about what to do in and around Cebu. Too bad I'm kind of lazy and don't plan anything in particular. I still haven't been to the beach even though that was the original plan.

I checked into the Murals Hostel again yesterday, this time for two nights just in case Chris or Christine wants to book a hotel. Last night, Chris, Christine, and I went to a rooftop bar to meet Chris's friend whose name is also Chris. Today, I will be spending some time by myself since Chris and Christine signed up for a whale shark watching and canyoneering tour. They left at 3 AM. I didn't go because I don't swim. Tomorrow, we will be doing some diving at Mactan Island. I will only do a shallow dive of about 2 meters since I'm bad at swimming.

Hanging out at the Noble Cebu hotel

View from the hotel rooftop

Night time at the Cebu business park

Music at Cubana

Cebu IT park Ayala Mall

A dish of pork sisig

Pater: rice with meats wrapped in banana leaves

Chris's friend Chris's friend named John-Vincent, Christine, Chris's friend named Chris, and Chris


  1. The many Chris’s 😆

    1. LOL! Need to get my grammar correct.

  2. Why did you have to switch to a hotel your friend booked if you already had a hostel?

    1. Because the shower sucks in the hostel and I want to stay with my friends. LOL!


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