Taipei: Days 4 to 7

Four days ago, I went to the Giant Bicycle Shop nearby and inquired about renting a bike for two weeks to cycle around Taiwan. The cost is 3200 NTD, about $100, which is a good deal. I made a reservation for the bike and I plan on picking it up on October 16 or 17.

The day after, I took the subway to Songshan Culture and Creative Park where there is a design center. Then I walked to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Sun Yat-sen was the founding father of Taiwan. I was there just in time to see the change of the guards. I then walked past Taipei 101 tower and arrived at the trailhead of Elephant Mountain. The climb up was steep with stone stairs. As I was resting, an older couple, more specifically the husband, started talking to me. They are from Singapore. The man was so nice that he gave me two bananas to eat. I didn't have lunch and he was definitely a saint for giving me food. After coming down from the mountain, I took the train back to the hostel.

Two days ago, I don't remember doing much. Maybe just chilled at the hostel the whole time. Yesterday, I walked to Longshan Temple that's not far from the hostel. I also had dinner with Hyun, a Korean guy from the hostel who can speak Mandarin. Not sure what I'll do today since I feel I've explored most of Taipei.

I've been having some second thoughts about cycling around Taiwan. I don't feel I'm ready and there are too many moving variables, such as booking hostels and contacting Warmshowers hosts. I also need to get an eSIM before October 25 since my Google Fi international data roaming will stop on that day.

The North Gate

Songshan Culture and Creative Park

Sculpture at Songshan Culture and Creative Park

Design Museum

Changing of the guards at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Taipei 101 from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall exterior

Zhongshan Park next to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Looking at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall from Zhongshan Park

Taipei 101 tower

Steep stairs going up Xiang Shan, or Elephant Mountain

Cityscape at Elephant Mountain

Top of Elephant Mountain

A street near the hostel in Ximending

Sculpture across from Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple

Cool building design