Taipei: Days 14 to 17

On Tuesday morning, Chris stayed in the hostel and missed his plane to the Philippines because I had bought him out the night before. Christine decided that she will go to Korea and meet us in the Philippines later. Chris and I applied for Vietnam eVisas and extended our stay at the Meander Taipei Hostel until Thursday, the day that Christine leaves for Korea. Hyun left to go to cities in south of Taipei and Jonathan explored more of Taipei on his own. I hung out with Chris and Christine for the rest of the time I was in Taipei.

On Wednesday night, the three of went to Xin Xin hotpot restaurant that's close to the hostel. The price was expensive, about $30 USD per person. We were so full by the time we finished and there were still plenty of food left in the hotpot.

The next morning, the three of us went roller skating at the Taipei Arena. It was my first time trying roller skating officially. I fell a few times, but I got better as I skated more. It was very fun to skate when there weren't a lot of people. We then had lunch at a soup dumpling restaurant and tasted a variety of dumplings. After lunch, we returned to the hostel to pick up our luggages so Christine can catch her plane to Korea and Chris and I switched to a different hostel because Meander Hostel was full. Chris and I bid farewell to Christine on the subway and we checked into a new hostel in Zhongshan district of Taipei.

The new hostel was subpar. The place needs some renovation and a new Wifi connection is needed. Chris and I stayed for two nights there waiting for our visa approvals. We didn't do much except we had a really good dinner at an Indian restaurant called 3 Idiots. We also went to the Miniature Museum of Taiwan that was full of interesting displays. This morning, we took the bus to Keelung since there were no hostels available in Taipei and we didn't want to stay in the same hostel. Our visas were approved last night and we booked flight tickets to Vietnam on Monday afternoon.

Hotpot at Xin Xin restaurant

Roller skating at Taipei Arena

Soup dumplings!

Leaving the hostel

One of the plates at 3 Idiots Indian restaurant

Is this real or is this fantasy?

Alice in Wonderland miniatures

English castle miniatures

Chris taking a picture of a very impressive display.

Gulliver's Travels miniature display


  1. Hey Hiatt, it has been too long since I have posted. I’m sorry for that. I hope you are having a great adventure and most importantly staying safe.


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