Fukuoka: Days 1 and 2

Fukuoka is the largest city on the island of Kyushu. It used to be two towns, Fukuoka and Hakata, before they combined into one. The train station is called Hakata Station and the airport is called Fukuoka Airport. My hotel is the fanciest place I've stayed at in Japan. It's called The Millennials Fukuoka. I booked it on seeing the Instagram posts of another traveler whom I had met in Kyoto. The cost per night is around $30, that's still 50% cheaper than the hostels in Hawaii and it's much better. The bed even has an iPod remote to adjust the lights and the position of the bed.

Yesterday, I explored the Tenjin district, Kego Park and Shrine, Daimyo district, Kokoran Ruins Museum, Fukuoka Castle Ruins, Fukuoka Art Museum, and Ohori Park. For the first time, it wasn't ungodly hot. I want to take the time in Fukuoka to relax so I'm staying for a total of four nights before taking the plane to Naha, Okinawa.

The Millennials Fukuoka is inside The Lively Hotel

Remote controlled bed

The lounge on the second floor

I try to buy some snacks at Japanese convenient stores. So far, I've been satisfied with my purchases.

The Hakata district is known for its ramen. I might be ramen'ed out by the time I leave Fukuoka.

Some yatai food stalls on the bank of the river

Night scene by the river

Fukuoka sign in front of Kihinkan Hall

A cool sculpture in Tenjin, which is a shopping district

Kego Shrine

Inside the Kokoran Ruins Museum. I'm still not sure what the ruin is about.

Fukuoka Castle Ruins, where they think a castle used to stand here.

I didn't see any exhibits at the Fukuoka Art Museum, but I did buy a wallet there.

A bridge at the Ohori Park

Ohori Park

Duck boats at Ohori Park

This is my favorite dish in Japan, more than ramen and sushi. It's beef and eel rice bowl. My favorite place to buy this is at Sukiya.

More snacks! The one on the right was the snack I ate the most when I lived in New Jersey. It's less than a dollar in Japan, much cheaper than US.