There was a traveler in Nara who recommended me to visit Takamatsu, so I decided to stay one night in Takamatsu on the island of Shikoku.

Takamatsu is known for its udon noodles. The style is called Sanuki. I had some very good udon noodles at a restaurant called Sanuki Udon ENY. The main drag in Takamatsu is a covered mall called the Marugamemachi Mall, similar to Himeji but longer.

After dropping off my backpack at the hostel, I walked south to the Ritsurin Garden, where I took over an hour to explore. The park is a good place to aimlessly wander since there are multiple paths and it is considered a Japanese national treasure.

When I came back to the hostel, I didn't do much except taking a shower. Then I walked to the Marugamemachi Mall to find a place for dinner. I ended up having eggplant dan dan noodles and some dumplings at a restaurant inside the covered mall.

The next day, on my way to the JR station out of Takamatsu, I took a photograph of Takamatsu Castle. It wasn't that impressive and the entrance is across the train tracks, so I didn't bother to go in.

There were many islands on the train ride to Takamatsu

The mountains of Shikoku island

A statue outside of the Takamatsu JR station

Marugamemachi Mall

Dome of the mall

FamilyMart is one of the three major convenience stores in Japan

The other is 7-Eleven

The third is Lawson Station

Takamatsu sewage cap

This is Kazu from the hostel. He's a traveling musician and gave me the udon recommendation.

Sanuki Udon ENY restaurant

Udon with squid tempura

Inside Ritsurin Garden

Cool tree


Lotus flowers

On top of a hill

Waterfall and lily pads 

Why can't the bridge be straight? Because the road of life isn't straight.

Koi fish looking for handouts.

View of a pond

Another view

A shop to rest

Boy feeding koi

A bridge in Ritsurin Garden


The main building in Ritsurin Garden. There weren't much to see inside, but the AC felt nice.

There was a small museum for roof tile designs such as this one.

The train runs in front of the hostel

Takamatsu Castle


  1. I'm surprised you haven't rented a bike at Onomichi and rode the Shimanami Kaido.

    1. I wasn't aware of a bike route from Onomichi to Shimanami Kaido. I'll try to rent a bicycle in Okinawa and ride around the island when I get there.

    2. We plan to do the Shimanami Kaido next year. Google it to have a look. It's almost all bike trail as you hop from island to island. You can take a bus back to start after dropping off the rental bike.

    3. That sounds really fun! I'll have to do it next time I'm in Japan.


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