Kyoto: Days 5, 6, and 7

Day 5 (August 11)

I had to check out of K's House hostel and move to another one called EZ Guest House since K's House was full for the night. After doing some research on the web, I found a place that sells Damascene metal. It's a special metal that's imported from Syria from a long time ago and it's only produced in Kyoto. The process involves rusting and using tea leaves. Kyoto Handicraft Center sells some Damascene jewelries, among other Japanese crafts. I went there to take a look. After eating an Okonomiyaki at a restaurant, I walked on the Philosopher's Path, then went inside Ginkaku-ji (Silver) Temple before arriving at EZ Guest House.

Okonomiyaki - Japanese pancake

Siratama azuki - a dessert with rice balls

Philosopher's Path

A bridge connecting to the path

Homes next to the path

Street with shops going toward Ginkaku-ji Temple

Ginkaku-ji Temple

Ginkaku-ji Temple garden

Another view of Ginkaku-ji Temple garden

Ginkaku-ji Temple with the pond

Inside EZ Guest House - not the best place I've stayed at

Day 6 (August 12)

In the morning, I checked out of EZ Guest House. On my way back to K's House hostel, I ate Oyakodon at Nakau for breakfast before arriving at Kyoto Station. I had a good view of Kyoto Tower, but I wasn't impressed by its design. I tried to do some shopping at Yodobashi Camera store complex, thinking that I'll send some things back home, but I ended up not buying much and decided against sending anything home.

Oyakodon with a bowl of cold noodles at Nakau

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Station

Day 7 (August 13)

This was my last day in Kyoto. I slept at K's House one more night. I joined Andrew and another traveler named Jess for lunch at Tu Casa, a Korean vegetarian restaurants that's also zero waste. The Korean BBQ "beef" bowl was delicious! Andre has a knack of finding good restaurants. Around 3 PM, I walked to Kyoto Station and went up to the Sky Garden before taking the train to Nara.

Jess and Andre in front of Tu Casa

The menu was very interesting

Korean BBQ beef bowl with potato soup

Looking down on Kyoto Station from the top

Sky Garden on top of the Kyoto Station


  1. A vegetarian Korean restaurant that serves beef?

    1. I should have put beef in quotes. They tasted like regular beef, but made from soy, I think.


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