Kyoto: Day 4

I went to the best temple in Kyoto, the Kinkaku-ji Temple. It's my favorite temple I've visited so far. I also went to see Daitoku-ji Temple and Kyoto Imperial Palace. I felt temple'd out after seeing so many temples and shrines in the past few days.

The subway is so clean in Japan and the train is always on time.

This sidewalk also allows for bicycles.

The Kinkaku-ji Temple, or Golden Temple, from a distance

Kinkaku-ji Temple

There were so many people here, but my photos don't include them.

Detail of the temple

The temple from the back

Want to practice your coin throws? Aim for the bowl in the middle.

Information about Kinkaku-ji Temple on the pamphlet

After visiting Kinkaku-ji Temple, I was so hot. This is ice cream in a plastic tube.

Next stop: Daitoku-ji Temple

There are so many temples in Daitoku-ji, some of them are not open to the public. This one is though.

Inside the Kyoto Imperial Palace

Walking tour of the palace


More buildings

Garden inside the palace grounds

Wall surrounding the palace

Curry with rice at Coco Ichibanya

I want to try all the Japanese snacks. These are some.