Day 51: Port Richey to Brooksville

Yesterday morning, I left the Airbnb and went to Starz Cafe II for breakfast. I had the breakfast special, which was two eggs, sausage, hashbrown, toast, and coffee. The total was less than $10 including the tip. This was the cheapest meal on the trip.

I cycled east on the road and got on a bike path that paralleled Ridge Road. Then I rode on the Suncoast Trail that went parallel to the Suncoast Parkway. The trail was wide, but there was very little shade. I was getting hot due to the humidity. I rode on it for most of the morning before stopped for a sushi lunch at E Sushi Japanese Restaurant in Spring Hill. I had the lunch sushi special that was very good.

On the bike trail

A cyclist memorial

Sushi special

After lunch, I joined the Suncoast Trail again, then switched to the road to get to my Warmshowers host Tom’s house in Brooksville. I arrived around 1 PM after riding 37 miles from Port Richey.

Tom is 70 years old, but he still works. He’s a manager at the Army Corps of Engineers and he also helps his son’s business in air ambulance. Tom also cycled across the country on the Southern Tier in 2016.

After I walked into his house, I realized Tom is a Trump supporter since he has a picture of Trump sitting with all the other Republican Presidents. Tom also has a Trump bobblehead on his desk that said “Fuck the Media” with Trump's middle finger out. Needless to say, I had to watch myself and not say the wrong things.

After taking a shower, Tom decided to give me a driving tour. He drove me in his truck to his wife Christine’s house. I was surprised that his wife lives in a separate house. Her house is just as nice as his, and maybe a little bigger. Then Tom drove me to see his other house that he’s selling, which has a beautiful fish tank. Then he drove me to the trailhead where the Good Neighbor Trail begins, which I will be riding on. Tom then drove west to Weeki Wachee Gardens then to Hernando Beach.

Beautiful fishes

When we came back to Brooksville Tom showed me the aircraft hanger where he keeps the airplanes for the air ambulance business. I’ve never been inside an airplane hanger before. It’s like huge gym. Tom can store six Learjets there.

Aircraft hanger

After the driving tour, we came back to Christine’s house. She already prepared dinner which consisted of beef stroganoff, corn, and beans. My appetite is so big now that I had three plates of food.

Christine and Tom

We watched a Kathleen Madigan Netflix special for a bit before Tom and I came back to Tom’s house. I was surprised that Tom and I didn’t discuss any politics and our conversations were very courteous.

I went to sleep soon after getting back. This morning, I woke up at 5:30 and will ride about 55 miles to The Villages, which is a retirement community, to stay with another Warmshowers host.


  1. Can't wait to hear your take on The Villages. Supposedly, it's an endless party for "people of a certain age." Let us know if it lives up to its reputation.

    1. So far, I've seen a lot of golf carts.

  2. There was a documentary about The Villages, called Some Kind of Heaven on Hulu. That place is huge! Should be interesting.


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