Days 19 to 21: Rest Days in Greensboro

On Friday the 7th, I woke up around 4 AM since I heard Crispin wake up. We chatted in on the back porch for a while and watched the sunrise.

After breakfast at the retirement community center dining hall, Crispin drove me to CVS so I can buy more allergy eye drops. Then he drove me to Walmart so I can buy some electrolytes. That Walmart didn’t have sporting goods so I wasn’t able to get a flag to replace the one that I lost in Clarksville. I decided that I don’t need one from now on.

Our last stop was Cycles de Oro, a local bicycle shop. I bought a pair of cycling sunglasses that has wider lens so less wind will blow into my eyes. We chatted with the saleswoman there. She biked across America last year. We instantly shared a bond and talked about our routes. Dale, the owner of the bike shop also gave me a $10 discount on the sunglasses.

We ended the day with a home cooked dinner of chicken tangine, salad, and rice.

I wasn’t able to wake up at 4 AM again so the next morning I woke up after 7. I went with Crispin to Augustino Gusto Bakery so we can get some desserts when we go see my college friends Chris and Liz. The bakery was so popular that there was a long line when we arrived. After waiting over half an hour, we finally bought some desserts and bread.

The desserts at Augustino Gusto Bakery

Crispin drove again to Chris and Liz’s place in Winston-Salem. I was able to meet their son Sam again and their five months old daughter Chloe. Chris’s parents, Richard and Maureen, were there, too. We chatted for over an hour before Chloe had to take a nap.

Maureen, Liz, Chris, Richard, Sam, and Chloe

Back in Greensboro, I treated Crispin and Margery at Kin Thai Zabb for dinner to thank them for letting me staying at their place. I tried a Thai dish called Nam Prick Pow noodles that was pretty good. Crispin and Margery liked their dishes, too.

When we came back home I was so tired that I feel asleep around 8 PM.

This morning, I woke up around 6:30. I cut my hair in the bathroom then did laundry. Chris texted me that his son, Sam, tested positive for Covid, but the test result was very faint. I worried that Crispin and I might have caught Covid. My fear was alleviated when Chris told me that none of his other family members tested positive. Neither Crispin and I showed any symptoms and we, along with Margery, are all vaccinated with the latest boosters.

I made some ramen for Crispin, Margery, and I for lunch. Afterward, Crispin and I went to the Community Bike Shop in Greensboro where Crispin is a volunteer bike mechanic. I meet some interesting people, such as Sheldon, John, and Keith. I also rode on an e-bike for the first time and boy is it fast! Going uphill is no problem on an e-bike.

John at the Community Bike Shop

Crispin, John, Sheldon, and Keith

All these bikes could be used to make art!

When I saw the pile of bicycles that were junked, I realized that I could use them to make art if I had the equipment and the space. Then I thought about selling the art for money then donate the money back to the bike shop. It’ll be a virtuous cycle.

Before we left the bike shop, I donated $20. Crispin told me that this bike shop gets funding from the local government and the hospital, even the building is rented for $1 per year for the volunteers to use. What a great partnership!

Crispin and I decided to go to downtown Greensboro. We walked on Elm Street and saw the International Civil Rights Center and Museum at the Woolworth building. This place was the first sit-in protest in Greensboro. Unfortunately, the museum is closed on Sundays.

International Civil Rights Center and Museum

As seen on Elm Street

Crispin posing with a pair of painted jeans sculpture.

Scuppernong Books

As we walked down south on Elm, we stopped by a co-op art gallery. It dawned on me that Greensboro might be a good place for me to live since I can volunteer at the bike shop, make art, then sell them at the co-op gallery.

It was such a lovely day with great weather that we also walked to the city park and Lebauer Park. We played some ping pong in the park before heading back on Elm Street.

Musicians at the book store

Crispin and I ended up listening to three musicians playing some songs inside the local independent bookstore called Scuppernong Books. It was a great day spent in Greensboro.

Architecture reflections in downtown Greensboro

When we came back home Chris texted me to tell me that Sam has tested negative for Covid. I was relieved. Tomorrow, Crispin will drop me off in Durham and I will stay with a Warmshowers host for the night before riding to Raleigh the next day.

As a bonus, this is Margery with an oak tree, which she says is her teacher.


  1. Those building reflection photos are so good! I hope you and Crispin used the hopscotch marks on the sidewalk.

    1. Not sure what those numbers mean actually. But we did have a great day in downtown Greensboro.


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