Day 5: Joppatowne to Middle River

After writing my last post, I got everything ready. Stephen and I bid farewell around 9:15 AM. I joked with him that I might take his offer on a job when I come back from cycling in two or three years. That’s when Stephen will retire, and will need to train his replacement. I was only half joking.

The rain had already started. Today is the second of the three days of rain. I rode for 0.8 miles to the Amish farmers market that’s right near Stephen’s house. I bought a watergate salad, which is a dessert salad that I’ve never had, but it’s so good. Also I bought Amish chicken dumplings, which I also never had. And I bought some cucumber onion salad that was really good. I ate all three and was so full. The price was so cheap compared to the farmers market in Wayne, PA, where I used to go.

The Amish Farmers Market

Watergate salad, with marshmallows

I went to the restroom before leaving the farmer market, then an old man commented that I’ll be wet riding in the rain. I replied at least I’m not using gasoline. Then the man said something like, “Yeah I wish I can have the previous president back since the gasoline was cheaper.” Rather than starting trouble, I just said, “The gasoline prices don’t correlate with presidents, nor does the stock market.” I don’t think he believed me, but I didn’t want to waste my time to change someone’s political beliefs.

I got on the road at 11 AM. It’ll only be a 12 mile ride to my Warmshowers host Marshall’s place in Middle River. Stephen had recommended that I go on route 40 since it has wide shoulders. I tried to change the route on Komoot, but wasn’t able to find a way to do that. Later, I learned that you can do it on the website then save the route so it’ll appear on the app. Instead, I just followed the provided route on Komoot and rode on the local roads, which had a few hills.

I rode the 12 miles in an hour and half, faster than I expected. Marshall had told me that his wife, Connie, works from home and can let me me in whenever. Just as I pulled up to the house Connie came out with a dog named Roki to take him for a walk. She told me I can park my bike in the back and settle myself in.

I was so glad to be indoors and dry. The rain will last the whole day today and will continue into tomorrow. That’s how the dice rolled for me. But I have to remember what Stephen said to me the night before when I complained to him about the rain, the hills, and the traffic. He said that it’ll all be worth it when you ride under the sun with eagles flying above you. I’ve actually experienced that in 2018. It’s a great reminder that there are better days ahead.

After Connie came back with Roki, I had some “Strawberry Fields Forever” green tea that tasted fruity. I also did laundry and took a shower while Connie worked in her office.

Caught up on some news and administrative stuff

Around 4:15 PM, Marshall came back from work. We had a really good spaghetti dinner. Marshall took up a hobby during the pandemic. He takes care of around 40 fishes in different aquariums in the house. So tonight, I'll be sleeping with the fishes! LOL!

Marshall and Connie, with their dog Roki (who thinks the camera is the fish tank)