Day 3: Rest Day in Newark

This morning, I woke up a little before the sunrise. I saw a text message from Rodolfo that said I can stay another day. I was so glad!

I spent some time in the morning rescheduling the Warmshowers hosts now that I’m delayed one day. I also realized that it’ll rain for the next few days.

When Rodolfo woke up, he made me some breakfast and we decided to take a 30 minute walk on the local trail. We talked about many things and I learned that we share the common passion for traveling since Rodolfo and Hali have been to Southeast Asia and South America. Rodolfo is actually from Brazil. I also told Rodolfo about the FIRE (financially free, retire early) movement since both he and his wife are in their twenties.

Shortly after we came back from the walk, I decided to walk through the University of Delaware campus to grab an early lunch on Main Street. I ended up buying a container of sunscreen at the dollar store before eating a bowl of tonkotsu ramen at Oishii Sushi and Ramen. At the restaurant, I also wrote up a post on Patreon about my indecision to cycle the world.

Main Street in Newark, DE

As I walked back on the main quad of the UD campus, it reminded me of my alma mater, the University of Rochester, and my time there from 2003 to 2006, and later from 2014 to 2015. I could feel the atmosphere of knowledge that is waiting to be ingested and the good memories that is to be had if I was still in my late teens and early twenties. What a time to be alive and learn as much as you can given so little you know!

Memorial Hall on the University of Delaware quad

When I came back to the house I was tired. After listening to some music on the bed I sorted my things so that I can be ready for tomorrow’s ride in the rain.

Around 4:30 PM, Rodolfo made me a fried egg, then he asked me if he can try out my bike. So far, no one has ridden my bike except for me, but I allowed him to test it out. He mentioned how quiet the bike is and he liked the brake shifters.

Soon after, Rodolfo and I walked to the student union where we played five rounds of ping pong and five rounds of pool. He won the ping pong matches and I won the pool. So I guess we are evenly matched.

Hali ended up meeting us at the Banh Mi Boy restaurant for dinner where we had… you guessed it: banh mi sandwiches. I also had a taro smoothie. We mainly talked more about traveling and living simple lives. Though Rodolfo would like to earn $300,000 per year working part time remotely.

We saw the sun setting as we ate our sandwiches and then walked back to the house. It was a good rest day for me and I’m so lucky to have met Rodolfo and Hali. I wish them all the best in their future!

Hali and Rodolfo

I will be going to bed soon now that it's half an hour to nine. Tomorrow I will ride another 47+ miles to Joppatowne, MD, and stay at another Warmshowers host's place. I hope I can make it without too much pain.


  1. It was awesome to have you with us, you were our first guest on Warmshower! Thanks for teaching us about your values, your preparation for the trip, and for letting me ride your great bike. You have a big heart and the road will give you so many memorable experiences. Safe travels.
    Rodolfo and Hali

    1. Thank you so much for hosting me and letting me stay an extra day! Good luck on your next bike tour and your sailing plans!


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