Tribute to Master Zhang

Yesterday, I found out the death of an old family friend. He went by the name of Master Zhang and was a master of many things, including Feng Shui, fortune telling, Chinese herbal medicine, etc. I learned from a mutual friend that he passed away in a hospital on September 15, 2017, due to heart disease or a heart attack.

Master Zhang was my mom's friend when she came to the United States in the mid-80s. I'm sure he helped her in making many life decisions with his skill in fortune telling.

In fact, Master Zhang's fortune telling ability was so accurate that he predicted my stepsister will be involved in a historical event. That event was September 11. He told her that she was born under a lucky star and that star must have protected her on that day.

In his life, Master Zhang helped many people when they were feeling anxious or uneasy with their life's path with his uncanny fortune telling.

When I was in my mid-20s, I was lost in terms of life and went to Flushing, NY. I lived about two blocks from Master Zhang. We would go to the nearby Queens Botanical Garden in the morning, then have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. We talked about many things or nothing at all, as it seemed. But I remember fondly of his presence and his guidance.

I suffered two hospitalizations when I was in Flushing due to my illness. My mom and grandma decided it's best to stay away from Master Zhang even though it was no fault of his. I obeyed my mom's order, but I knew Master Zhang was a good person in his heart.

I thought about Master Zhang from time to time, but never reached out. There was a chance encounter with a mutual friend in 2016 when I was in Flushing. The friend asked me if I want to see Master Zhang. He was in the hospital due to a foot injury at the time. Stupid me, I declined. The one chance I could have see him I didn't. Now I regret forever for not being in touch with him.

Master Zhang was a dear family friend. I wish I had learned more from him. He was such a wise and interesting man. I will miss him dearly.

Master Zhang (2008)