Balancing Act

"Water bubble" by @Doug88888 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

As I get older, I realize that life isn't so simple and it isn't so black and white. Life is a balancing act. It is in constant flux and change is the only constant.

I've been thinking about my desire to bicycle the world. After the death of Iohan Gueorguiev, the Bike Wanderer, I thought about leaving my job and starting my journey early next year. Because that life is precious and time is short.

However, I haven't reached my FIRE goal, which I had established last year. If I start my long distance cycling adventure, I'd have to come back to the job market after I'm done cycling, in the most likely case.

As The Clash would say: Should I stay or should I go?

This question has been bugging me in the last month or so. This is the balancing act that's been playing out in my head. I wouldn't want to work while on my bicycling journey, so it's one choice or the other. I suppose I can go on some short bike rides during my vacation days while holding down a job. This could be an option.

I feel I'm in a good place now, financially and otherwise. Perhaps it's a good idea to stay put for the next three to four years so I can reach FIRE and have the option later to decide if I want to continue working. Maybe I can even take a sabbatical from work if that option is available.

So for now, I will stay at my current workplace and view this period of my life as gaining financial independence. After this, the next chapter of my life would be a cycling adventure.