Day 96: Orangevale to Sacramento

Yesterday was an easy riding day. Joan rode with me for 4.5 miles to the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail from her house. She wanted to make sure I get on the bike trail. It's so nice of her to do that. The trail was nicely maintained. I saw many cyclists and joggers on the way to Sacramento.

On the bike trail to Sacramento

Crossing the mini Golden Gate Bridge

After about 21 miles, I arrived at Bob's office in downtown Sacramento. When Bob finished his phone call with his client we decided to put my bike in the back of Bob's truck and drive to Bob's house, about 8 miles away.

Bob had some potato salad that he had already made. We ate that underneath a shade in Bob's backyard. The weather wasn't too hot yet and it was nice to have lunch outside. Inside the house, we talked about Bob's travels. I was amazed at his collection of traveling books that he had collected over the years.

I also went online to learn about a bike shipping service called Bike Flights and found a bike shop in San Francisco that will provide me with a box to ship my bike. I might have to ship my bike on the same day I get into San Francisco if Jack, my host, doesn't have room for my bike in his apartment.

For dinner, I helped Bob make a garden salad. Later, Bob cooked peas, corn, and sausages for a second dinner. I had food coma soon after and went to bed around 8 PM.

This morning, I woke up before 5. I took a shower and organized a few things. Bob told me he will take me to the Railroad Museum after breakfast since I'll be staying at Bob's house for today as well. I don't know what else is planned, but it doesn't matter. It's nice to wind down as my trip is coming to an end.

Feeling like home