Day 78: Cedar City to Milford

I had a good sleep last night. This morning I woke up at 6:30 and got everything ready by 7. Breakfast started at 7 AM and I was the first one there. I had a bagel with cream cheese, two yogurts, and a cup of coffee. I took a banana, an apple, and two pastries for the road.

After checking out, I started riding north to Milford. I finally had some tailwind. The hill wasn't bad at all compared to what I did yesterday. After reaching the summit, I rode comfortably to Minersville. In a gas station convenience store, I bought a one liter bottle of soda so I can use the bottle to store more water. Then I bought a bag of chips to snack on. There were some smoke blowing into town. I overheard that there are three forest fires nearby, so I decided to leave.

The road toward Milford

Fire warnings

Reached another summit

I continued about 14 miles to Milford. The ride was mostly flat or downhill. I went over a bridge before arriving in downtown. There was a Family Dollar on the side of the street. I stopped to buy a can of sunblock. Then I rode a couple of blocks to The Station Restaurant and had a chicken lo mein for lunch. It was pretty good. Hudson Inn, the motel where I'll be spending the night, is just next door. After checking in, I took a shower and washed more clothes. Now all of my clothes are clean.

On my way to Milford

Lo mein for lunch

I also filled up all of my water bottles, including the ones I had just received in Cedar City. I have a total of 294 ounces of water, or 2.3 gallons, or 8.7 liters. I think that'll be enough for the two day ride to Baker, Nevada. Tomorrow, I hope to find the abandoned shack around the half way mark at mile 42 and camp there for the night. The next day I'll make it to Baker.

All the water I'll be carrying

After taking a short nap, I walked to the library across the street to write this blog post. I'll get some dinner around town before calling it a day.