Day 76: Tropic to Panguitch

This morning, I was awoken by the crowing of the roosters, but I had a good sleep. After packing my tent and such, I rolled my bike on the pebble road to the street and rode it for two blocks to the Bryce Canyon coffee shop. I ordered a danish, a banana, and a cup of coffee. I think I might be addicted to coffee since I always order one for breakfast if I can. Caffeine is actually the most abused drug in the world. I guess I just need the kick when I begin my ride everyday.

Inside the coffee shop, I tried to upload the photos I had taken yesterday to the blog post. The app that I use on my Pixel 2 had an update yesterday and it broken the image insertion feature. I had to email the developer about the issue. I was only able to upload three images through the Blogger website on my iPad and couldn't upload anymore because the text area cannot be scrolled down further. Google has really failed with their Blogger website.

Since I couldn't really do anything about the pictures, I started riding a little after 8 AM. Once again, there was a hill waiting for me. I walked my bike most of the way until I reached the top. Then I rode a few more miles and made a left turn toward Bryce Canyon City.

Up the hill I go

After getting an iced tea, I rode to the information center where I asked the lady where to park my bike if I want to take the shuttle bus to Bryce Canyon National Park. I also paid $20 for an entrance fee to the park, which I thought was free since the town advertised their free shuttle.

I spent about two hours going to all four overlooks on the map. I took the shuttle to three overlooks. Then I walked half a mile from Sunset Point to Sunrise Point before getting on the bus one last time back to the station. Bryce Canyon is impressive. I took many photographs. But there were too many tourists, myself included.

Bryce Canyon

More Bryce

Hiking in Bryce Canyon

I had a western burger and a soda at Canyon Diner before getting on my bike for the second stretch of my ride to Panguitch.

For the most part, the ride to Panguitch was easy with some flat parts and downhills. There were a couple of inclines, but not so bad. The worst is the appearance of rumble strips. When I was going down a steep hill I couldn't ride the shoulders because there simply wasn't enough room. I had to ride in the lane and watched carefully for cars coming from behind.

Nice road ruined by the rumble strips

I passed by some interesting red colored hills at Red Canyon. There were even two arches right in the middle of the road that allowed cars to pass through. I stopped by the visitor center briefly to look around and got some water from the water fountain before riding about 10 more miles to Panguitch.

One of two arches

Red Canyon

In Panguitch, I arrived at the library and decided to print out more business cards and write my blog post for the day. There are many motels around here and a KOA campground further down the road. I decided to book a room at Color Country Motel for around $50 so I can charge up all my electronics, have a nice shower, and sleep on a bed. Tomorrow, I'm aiming to ride close to 60 miles to Cedar City. It'll be up a large hill with a climb of 5400 feet in about 32 miles. I definitely need a good rest tonight!