Day 67: Dove Creek to Monticello, UT

I’ve noticed on my trip that the weather forecast is only right about half of the time. The joke is that the weatherman is the only profession that can be wrong and still get a promotion. I took a risk and started riding at 8:30 AM yesterday from Dove Creek since I had a 50% chance of getting wet.

Chance of rain: 50%

As I was passing through town, I decided to eat a proper breakfast, so I stopped at the Dinner Bell, which is across the street from Gregg’s church. I had my favorite western omelette. Soon after, I started riding the 25 or so miles to Monticello, Utah.

My favorite, western omelette

As soon as I made it to Utah the road became bumpier and there was the rumble strip. I waved at some oncoming cars since a few of them actually beeped at me. There wasn’t much hills, so the ride was nice and the weather was cooler in the morning. I arrived into town around noon.

Welcome to Utah!

Entering Monticello

I saw a Family Dollar, so I bought a pack of five ramen noodles. I will be needing them in a couple of days when going through more desolated parts of Utah. Outside of Family Dollar, I talked to a couple, Carla and Mel, and asked them about a decent restaurant to eat lunch. They suggested The Peace Tree on the north side of the town. There, I had a Thai wrap and a delicious watermelon smoothie. I also called my dad to wish him a happy Father’s Day.

Thai wrap and watermelon smoothie

On the way to my hosts’ place I stopped by the visitor center. The lady there told me about the campgrounds ahead and suggested that I buy my provisions in Blanding, the next town south of Monticello, before going through a stretch of land where there are no towns for over 120 miles. I might do some shopping here in Monticello before I leave for Blanding.

At around 1:30 PM, I arrived at my hosts’ place. Karinne is a very nice lady and told me there will be two more cyclists coming in the afternoon. After settling down, I took a nap then went for a walk to Family Dollar to get some candy and an iced tea to snack on. I sat in the shade in the veterans park to eat my snacks and to enjoy the breeze.

When I came back to the house, I met Karinne’s husband, Noah, who is a firefighter. I took a shower and soon dinner was ready. I had two pork burritos and some salad. They were so good! I kept on putting too many things in my burrito that it was too hard for me to fold. Just as we were finishing dinner the other two cyclists arrived. They are Kevin and James, coming from the west. Kevin started in Florida and was going west for awhile before going east. He will go up northwest to Canada. James is a retired police officer and started in San Francisco, he will go to Virginia. They met each other on the road. James told me he brought 12 bottles of water in Nevada to go through the dessert. I might bring 10 when I get there. All of us had a great time talking. I ended going to sleep on the living room floor after 10 PM.

My hosts: Noah and Karinne, with their dog, Zai

James and Kevin, relaxing after the ride

This morning, I plan to get breakfast with Kevin and James before heading out to Blanding. It’s only about a 20 mile ride, so I might go further to Natural Bridges Campground depending on the time. Also there will be limited cell phone service and probably no internet for the next few days. I don't know when my next post will be, but don't worry, I'll be safe.