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My Last Photography Exhibition

I'm having my last photography exhibition at the Gryphon Café in Wayne, PA ( map ). It'll run from September 4 (Sunday) through October 1 (Saturday). Exhibition Postcard This exhibition is dedicated to my late Grandmother, who was also an artist. I will display one of her Chinese watercolor paintings in the café as a tribute to her. All photographs are for sale, from $0 to $1,000,000. Most photos range from $200 to $500. For more information about the $1,000,000 photograph, see here . The public opening reception is September 10 (Saturday) from 3 to 5 PM at the café. I will also be at the café from September 4 through September 16 in the morning from 8 AM to 12 noon for any questions or just to talk. For more info, see . Hope to see you there!

Day 48: Newton to Nickerson

This morning, I departed Janet's place soon after writing my previous blog post. I had a mediocre breakfast buffet at The Breadbasket restaurant in downtown Newton. Today's ride is an easy one since I'll be only going about 50 miles on mostly flat roads.

(Breakfast buffet at The Breadbasket)

In Hesston, I stopped by Casey's General Store to get an ice cream sandwich. I also called the Philadelphia jury duty phone number since my housemate informed me of my jury duty in June. After some annoying automated instructions I talked to a clerk. She seemed rushed and a little rude, insisting that I go online.I held my patience and ended up changing my jury duty date to September.

I kept riding west. Around 10:30 AM, I arrived at Buhler. I had to get off the route to get to a cafe for some food. I had a strawberry and banana smoothie at the Mustard Seed, but they didn't serve lunch until 11. I stayed there a bit longer to order a chef salad. It was the healthiest choice since I've been eating burgers and such for quite some time.

(Downtown Buhler)

(Chef salad at the Mustard Seed)

After Buhler, I rode all the way to my destination, Nickerson. I was almost there when it started to drizzle. By the time I arrived at the city park the rain came down for about a minute. The park has a pavilion but the shower is a bit dirty. I wish I had brought a pair of slippers. Anyway, I don't think I'll be taking a shower there.

(Staying here tonight)

It was only 1:30 PM. I have at least six hours to kill, so I decided to see if there are any restaurants in town. I ended up drinking a bottle of Corona at the Flick's Bar and Grill while watching some repetitive news on TV.

As I rode through the rest of the town, which is not very big at all, I saw the library. Since there's no internet at the park I got lucky that the library is open. Not sure what I'll do for the rest of the day. I feel like cooking some ramen noodles for dinner. Most likely I'll be the only one at the park tonight.