Day 47: Eureka to Newton

I didn’t sleep well two nights ago. The sound of water from the water park next to the pavilion made me think it was raining the whole night. Wolfgang and I got up after the sunrise. I headed over to a convenience store first since I finished packing before Wolfgang. I had two hot dogs and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Wolfgang showed up shortly as I was finishing my meal. After we parted, I headed west, then north, for 35 miles to Cassoday.

One can see for miles

Cassoday has a Country Store. Since it’s Memorial Day, the kitchen will close at noon. Luckily, I arrived at 11 AM. The only thing they have to offer are cheeseburgers, so I ordered one with some fries.

Cheeseburger and fries in Cassoday

Cassoday is the only stop on the way to Newton. From there I have to ride another 38 miles. I passed by some oil tankers and oil rigs. Other than that, the landscape was sort of monotonous with flat greenery of cornfields. I saw another cyclist from the opposite way. Lee is going from Denver, Colorado, to Madison, Wisconsin, then maybe going to the New England area. I was glad to see someone after so many miles of loneliness.

Oil rigs

Lee, heading to Wisconsin

On the outskirts of Newton, I went to Braums Ice Cream Store and got a double scoop of ice cream cone to cool me off. It was a delight. I thought about Crispin and how he would have enjoyed it, too. Through text messages, I learned Crispin has arrived at his brother’s place and will be staying there for a few days before heading east.

Just what I needed

After the ice cream I rode into town. I had to stop by the Newton Bike Shop since I heard great things about it, including its bike hostel. But the store was closed due to Memorial Day.

Janet, my Warmshower host, lives only a block from the bike shop. I arrived there around 4 PM. Janet and her husband, Orvin, live in a big Victorian house that’s on the national register. We talked for a while before I was shown the bathroom and the sleeping area. I’m so glad that I’ll be sleeping in a bed again!

After taking a shower and eating two burgers and a hotdog, I was invited to attend a baseball game where Ivan, Janet and Orvin’s son, will be playing. It’ll be my first time as a sports spectator since I have never been to a sporting event and watched a full game. During the game, I met Janet and Orvin’s other son, John, who showed up later. Ivan’s team won by a big margin in the end.

At a baseball game

When we came back home I was tried, having rode over 74 miles in a day. I went to bed at 10 PM. This morning, I awoke at 5 AM. Today’s ride will be a short one, less than 50 miles to Nickerson. I was thinking of doing 100 miles one of these days, but the weather is just too hot.

Janet and Orvin's house

Orvin and Janet