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My Last Photography Exhibition

I'm having my last photography exhibition at the Gryphon Café in Wayne, PA ( map ). It'll run from September 4 (Sunday) through October 1 (Saturday). Exhibition Postcard This exhibition is dedicated to my late Grandmother, who was also an artist. I will display one of her Chinese watercolor paintings in the café as a tribute to her. All photographs are for sale, from $0 to $1,000,000. Most photos range from $200 to $500. For more information about the $1,000,000 photograph, see here . The public opening reception is September 10 (Saturday) from 3 to 5 PM at the café. I will also be at the café from September 4 through September 16 in the morning from 8 AM to 12 noon for any questions or just to talk. For more info, see . Hope to see you there!

Day 30: Harrodsburg to Loretto

Last night, I didn’t sleep well at all. I must have drank too much Pepsi for dinner and the caffeine hit me hard. I was awoken by the noise of the trains and the chirping of the birds before the sunrise. Crispin and I got everything packed up a little before 7 AM then we rode to Harrodsburg Harvest Cafe for breakfast. Crispin, being the friendly person he is, started to chat with a customer, who also has a 3 year old son. We ended up taking a photo of both of them in front of our bikes.

(Paul and his son, Wayne)

The temperature in the morning was just right for riding. At a local post office, I can sent out the Mother’s Day card I had bought the day before. Crispin and I rode for over 30 miles from Harrodsburg to Springfield. We didn’t go into downtown Springfield, though. Instead, we had fast food at Wendy’s.

(We also support teachers)

(Another turtle crossing the street)

(Juxtaposition of the old and the new)

After lunch, the temperature climbed higher. While taking a rest underneath the shade of a house, we were greeted by the owner Jamie, and her friend, Stephen. They became our water angels of the day. And we were so grateful for the iced water.

(Jamie and Stephen, our water angels)

We thought about going further than Loretto, but the heat was almost unbearable, so we decided to stop at Loretto. It was only 2 PM.

We had another lunch at the Cozy Corner restaurant. I had a chef salad this time. Crispin did his usual thing of asking for information about places to stay since there are no Warmshowers hosts in the area. We were told about a church a mile away and a fire station next door. We went to check it out after the meal.

There was no backyard for the fire station, but there was a pavilion by a park. I suggested we camp there tonight so we can grab dinner at Cozy Corner and use the WiFi there. Crispin agreed. After I took a quick nap, we came back to Cozy Corner and ate our dinner. I ordered a ribeye steak because I have a feeling I’ll need the protein.

(Ribeye dinner)

When I was paying with my credit card, the card got declined. I called Visa and they put me on a travel notice. I don’t understand why my card got declined when I’ve been traveling the whole time. It could also be the card reader that had a problem so I paid in cash. Next time before a trip, I should call Visa first.

I hope I can sleep better tonight. The temperature shouldn’t be too cold, the low is 66 degrees.