Fukuoka: Days 3 and 4

On day three, I went to Japan's first Zen temple, the Shofuku Temple. Then I walked to the Kushida-jinja Shrine. I browsed some shops in Canal City, then went to the Ramen Stadium. Ramen Stadium has eight ramen shops. Unfortunately, I had ramen earlier in the day so I didn't get to eat lunch there.

Yesterday, I didn't do much except going to the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum that's on the 7th and 8th floor of an office building that's very close to my hotel. The art there was art from Asian artists, not particularly Asian art. None of the artworks spoke to me.

In the afternoon, I did laundry and played some pool in the lounge of the hotel. I met Miguel, Paulo, and Victor, whom are all related to each other. We had a good time playing pool together. Miguel is a cook in Sydney, Australia. Paulo works for the Australian government. And Victor is a civil engineer.

Shofuku Temple

Shofuku Temple Buddhas

An interesting building next to the Kushida-jinja Shrine

Kushida-jinja Shrine

Sake offerings at the shrine

Kushida-jinja Shrine is the start of a parade for a festival. This is the float they carry.

Canal City, a shopping mall in Fukuoka

Ramen Stadium

Where all the ramen shops comes from in Ramen Stadium

Canal City landscape

The 000 Theater. The coolest buildings on my walk.

Waiting in line at the Ichiran ramen shop

One of the better ramens I've had in Japan is at Ichiran

Free beer at the hotel

A cool reflection of buildings

Entrance to the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum on the 7th floor

The main gallery at the museum