Day 50: St. Petersburg to Port Richey

Yesterday morning after everyone woke up, Renda made a hearty breakfast consisted of omelettes and fruits. I also had a cup of coffee. I joked with Bill that I might need a part time job when traveling. Bill told me to send him my resume and connect with him on LinkedIn. After breakfast, Bill left for work and I bid farewell to Renda.

I rode on the bike path to North Shore Park since I heard from Eric that’s a good place to visit. It was very scenic especially with the sun coming up from the east. Then I cycled on 30th Avenue to get to the Pinellas Trail. I rode on that trail for most of the day and it was great. The trail was wide with very few bumps. There were several bridges with steep ramps that I had to ride up, but it was no big deal.

North Shore Park

Pinellas Trail

I arrived at Clearwater around 10:30. I wasn’t too hungry so I went to get a bagel with cream cheese at the Restoration Cafe. I chatted with a lady who was born in South America. She sold some kind of vitamin powder and gave me a pack. She also gave me a postcard that advertised Scientology.

Downtown Clearwater

After the cafe, I continued riding on the trail. In Dunein, I saw a cafe in a caboose. I got a mocha shake there to cool me off.

Just what I needed

The trail continued on and I must have ridden over 35 miles on the trail. Finally, I made a left turn and merged onto route 19, which is a highway.

The shoulder had a bike lane, but there were so much debris that I thought I would get another flat. For the last mile or so I rode on the sidewalk and arrived at the Airbnb. I cycled a total of 44.3 miles.

My host Grant showed me my room then showed me his PC setup since he does game streaming for a living. It was my first time meeting someone who streams games and I found it interesting that he could support himself by doing that.

After a shower, I talked on the phone with Merritt for about an hour before walking to Lily’s Tacos for dinner. I had three Mexican tacos, two American tacos, and a horchata drink. I liked the Mexican tacos the best.

When I came back to the Airbnb, I relaxed for a while and then went to bed around 9 PM.

This morning I woke up at 5 and sent out some Warmshowers requests for tomorrow. Then I went back to bed. Now, I’m up again and will be getting ready to leave.


  1. I really enjoy reading your comments about your trip. Continued success and stay safe my friend.


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