Busan: Days 4 to 7

After writing my previous post, I took the train for two stops and walked around Busan Citizens Park. It's a very nice park with things to do for kids and adults. I was feeling better and decided to walk back to the hostel from the park. For dinner that night, I made my favorite Korean dry noodle dish. When I was eating it I couldn't taste anything. I knew that most likely I have contracted Covid, not the flu.

The next day, I mainly stayed in the hostel to continue recover from my illness. In the late afternoon, I needed some fresh air so I walked along the river that's close to the hostel. I ended up walking two subway stops south before taking the subway back.

Yesterday, I mainly stayed in the dorm room and the hostel the whole day. I bought a mask and was careful to continue to isolate. I told the manager about my illness and asked her about how often they clean the guests' blankets. I had noticed that the staff change the mattress cover and the pillow case every time a guest leaves, but they only fold up the blanket, which have no duvet cover or a sheet. I observed it for two or three days. The manager was mumbling and ranting on for a bit then finally said that they clean the blankets every half a year. I told her that there's a high chance I have Covid because I have all the symptoms, including the loss of smell and taste, which is something different than flu. To my surprise, the manager said that it could still be flu. I told her that the first night I checked in I started to feel sick, maybe the previous guest had Covid and passed on to me since the blanket is not washed. In the end, the manager told me that she'll "take care" of it. I hope that means washing the blanket.

Today was my last full day in Busan and in South Korea. I took the subway to Haeundae Beach, and walked around for a long time. I ended up visiting Dongbaek Park, going to the GoEun Museum of Photography, and seeing some exhibits at the Busan Museum of Art. I also learned about a new artist that I've never heard of named Lee Ufan since he has a building of his own next to the museum.

Since I've lost my taste and smell, I went to Burger King for lunch and bought another bag of Korean instant dry noodles that I'll cook for dinner. Everything tastes like nothing to me. I'm disappointed that the Chinese food that I'll eat in Taiwan will have no taste to me despite the fact that my favorite cuisine is Chinese.

I'm catching a flight to Taipei tomorrow and I don't know how long I'll stay in Taiwan. I feel like it's time I should go back home, but maybe I can hold on a bit longer since there are still so many places that I planned to go and haven't.

On top of getting Covid in Busan, I feel the Universe is telling me time to go home. Or maybe the Universe is testing me to see if I can overcome my struggles. Perhaps I should see a fortune teller in Taiwan to see what the Universe is saying to me.

Busan Citizens Park welcoming the 2030 World Expo

Busan Citizens Park

Cute stools

Fishing in the park

Nice view of the residential towers from the park

Pavilion at Busan Citizens Park

Another nice view

On my way back from Busan Citizens Park to the hostel

My favorite Korean instant noodles. Too bad my sense of taste is gone.

Walking along the river

Some interesting reflections from the water

Buildings reflected in river

Looks delicious! Too bad I can't taste any of it.

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach from the other end

Mermaid statue in Dongbaek Park

Lighthouse in Dongbaek Park


Nurimaru APEC House

Wish that I lived in a condo by the waters

GoEun Museum of Photography

Architecture reflection abstract

Inside the Busan Museum of Art

The Busan Museum of Art will be renovated next year. This is their last exhibition before the renovation.

Another artwork from Busan Museum of Art

Busan Museum of Art looking from the inside of Space LeeUFan

Space LeeUFan


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