Day 95: Plymouth to Orangevale

Two days ago, I came back to the Plymouth fairgrounds after writing my blog post at the Prospect Cellars. Once I set up my tent I hung around the campsite until the sun was about to set, then I went to sleep.

I must have slept for about ten hours. When I awoke the sun was about to rise. I packed up everything and decided to go south about half a mile to Donut Street Cafe for breakfast. I had a donut, obviously, and a cup of coffee. The sun came up the horizon as I enjoyed my meal.

Watching the sunrise as I ate my breakfast

Not long after I start riding a cyclist came up behind me and told me he had seen me the day before. We talked for a bit. His name is Israel and he's part of a triathlon club here. He was impressed by what I was doing and even took a photograph of me. I hope we can be in touch in the future.

The road was a bit skinny to ride, but there weren't many cars in the morning. I enjoyed some downhills and had to walk up a couple of hills. The cows on the sides of the road reminded me of the sections I did in Virginia. Once I rode into El Dorado Hills there was a bike path on the side. I went on it for a short while until I went off the curb abruptly. I realized it's better for me to go on the shoulder of the road, which is also marked as a bike lane.

Hello cows!

I took the Johnny Cash bike trail in Folsom to the historic district. I arrived at 9:15 AM, much early than I expected. Joan, the cyclist who was hosting for the night at Orangevale, told me she'll be home around 2 PM, so I had a lot of time to spare.

At the historic district in Folsom, I ordered an orange cream soda at Bravo Coffee Bar, ate a big plate of Singapore noodles at Hop Sing Palace, and had a strawberry and cream gelato cone at the Sweet Dozen Cones. I also checked out Mike's Bike bicycle shop where I talked with a bike mechanic named Curtis about the current lineup of touring bikes. Around 1 PM, I started riding to Orangevale.

Historic district in Folsom

Google Maps guided me for most of the way until the heat turned off my Pixel 2 just as I was close to Joan's house. That's what happens when I rely too much on technology. After I got the phone to work again, I showed up at Joan's house around 1:40 PM.

Joan and I immediately struck a conversation in her kitchen about our trips. When I saw Joan in Palmyra, Virginia, she was riding with Linda and Phil. Later, Phil went ahead of them and a cyclist named Mike joined. Due to a tight schedule, Joan drove through Nevada on a rental car then rode to San Francisco on her bike. She finished on June 17. Joan wished she had more time on her trip and went to Oregon instead. I'm glad I took my time and didn't rush to my destinations.

At Joan's house, I also met Joan's brother, Mike, and his wife, Susan. They are very nice as well. Joan has a swimming pool in her backyard, so I sat in there for a bit before taking a shower.

Around 5 PM, Joan took me out to Blue Nami Sushi and Sake House. I had yaki ubon noodles and some sushi. We ordered too much food and ended up taking the leftovers home. Joan was so gracious and paid for my meal.

Joan and all the food we ordered

After getting back to the house, I was tired. I had got bitten by some mosquitoes in California, so before I went to bed I put on some Mopiko-S ointment before going to bed around 8 PM.

This morning, I got up at 6. After eating my leftovers, I had some coffee and a little piece of a bagel. Bob, my host at Sacramento, told me I should arrive at his workplace at 11 AM. It takes about two hours of riding to get there, so I'll leave soon at 9 AM. I'll be going on a bike trail all the way to Sacramento.