Day 54: Ordway to Pueblo

After cooking and eating ramen, I ended up helping Gillian clean some old light bulbs before going to bed two nights ago.

The goats at Gillian's farm

Yesterday morning, Joe and I went to see Gillian because she wanted to take photographs of us before we left. As she was snapping pictures, Joe and I got on our bikes and rode to the convenience store for some breakfast burritos and coffee. When I was waiting on Joe outside the convenience store, a man named Dan started talking to me. He handed me a business card that advertised for a veterans memorial in Olney Springs, about 11 miles west. He also gave me a buckeye nut when I told him Joe is from Ohio. When Joe came out we talked a bit more. Dan also gave Joe a buckeye nut.

Joe talking to Dan

I rode into Olney Springs and spotted the veterans memorial on my right. There was also a veterans art museum on the opposite side of the street. A guy named Rich came out and was very enthusiastic. He was in the marines and now he’s an artist who has won many awards. Once Joe pulled in Rich talked with him about the military since Joe was in the army as a paratrooper. Rich gave Joe an airborne flag and gave me a bottled water before we departed. 

Veterans memorial in Olney Springs

Rich showing Joe his painting

As I was riding on highway 96, which I have been on since Kansas, I can see the Rocky Mountains in the distance. I stopped by a convenience store on the opposite side of the highway and bought myself a cup of iced mocha. Joe came in soon after and we rested awhile before riding into Pueblo.

Old cars in Boone, CO

The Rocky Mountains in the distance

Pueblo is more of a small city than a town. The Great Divide Ski Bike and Hike shop was right on the corner of Santa Fe Avenue and 4th Street. I went inside and the bike machanic, Janet, changed my chain since it had stretched after I rode over 2450 miles so far. The clicking sound was still there so Janet also changed the bottom bracket. She was impressed by the condition of my 19 year old bike. I was impressed by her skills. My total was about $80. Joe had his bike checked and got a new rear tire. He also bought a bike pump and a few other things.

After the bike shop, we stopped by Shamrock Brewing Company to get a late lunch. I had some excellent fish and chips and a root beer from the tap.

Enjoying some fish and chips with Joe

Joe and I rode to our Warmshowers host Maureen’s place in the northern section of the city. Maureen is a very nice lady. Her partner, Angie, is just as nice. Both of them are avid cyclists as well. After settling down, Joe and I decided to go grocery shopping. I also had to print out more postcards. So we rode further north to Walgreens to print out the photos and to Albertsons to buy some road snacks. We ended up having dinner at GG’s BBQ, where I had a pulled pork sandwich with fried okra.

Once we got back to Maureen’s I did my laundry and browsed a book that Maureen had called The History of Cycling in Fifty Bikes. It was an interesting book and I learned that the English had pioneered many early bicycles.

I went to bed around 10:30 PM last night. Today, I’m going to take a full rest day. Haven’t done that since Lookout, Kentucky. Joe will plan out his route going back to Ohio. Sandra will arrive some time today and join me for a day or two starting tomorrow. I just had oatmeal and tea for breakfast, thanks to Maureen. Joe and I will go out soon to explore more of Pueblo.