Back to PA

I moved back to Allentown, PA, two days ago.

New York City was fun, especially in the Lower East Side. I ate a lot of different foods and went to most of the tourist sites. However, I realized that my days were getting monotonous: waking up, going to the library, then back to the apartment, eat dinner, then sleep. I wanted to find a job in the city so that I can sustain myself. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Yet.

I will still apply to jobs in NYC, though I am looking else where as well. I feel like I was starting to make progress in my social life when I was in New York. Just as when I made some friends I left the city. I hope to meet them again when I go back.

Right now I feel very blessed to be back in Allentown. It seems like you can either live in a big place or live in a fun place, but you can’t have both.

Devil’s Whiskey and Daisies Revisited

Con Artist Galley had an abstract exhibition called “Is/Is Not.” I was apart of it. However, the show was only a week long, from January 10 to 17. I submitted this piece to the show. It was also on my Instagram account ( awhile back. I called it “Devil’s Whiskey.”

Devil's Whiskey
Devil’s Whiskey

I am also taking part in a startup where my photos are exhibited in newly designed digital photo frames. The company is called Meural (, check them out! They are based in NYC and their product is so cool!!

I also produced a digital artwork using Processing and the code from my previous “10,000 Daisies” piece. Although you cannot see it on screen but the daisies actually grow and shrink in size as you watch the artwork. I also like the colors of the daisies this time around.

Daisies (Version 2)
Daisies (Version 2)

10,000 Daisies

Over the past summer and fall I worked on a composition using Processing. It was an experiment to produce as many flowers as possible using a computer algorithm. Since my laptop is pretty old, its memory only allowed to produce 10,000 flowers. I made the program using object oriented programing and each daisy appears a little differently.

I am relearning Processing again. It’s the third time that I returned to this programming language. I will produce more interesting images as soon as I get a handle on the language again.