“Lyrical” Rejection

A few weeks ago, I was given the idea of using lyrics at the Con Artist Gallery’s “Message You Must Return” exhibition this coming December. After some thoughts, I decided to use a line from The Clash’s “Death or Glory” song. It goes “I believe in this and it’s tested by research, he who fucks nuns will later join the church.” I thought the later part of the lyric had a ring to it so I created the image below. But my poster was rejected by the person who is directing the exhibition. Oh well. I guess some people take art too seriously. Maybe next time.


Celebrity Artwork

This is the photograph/collage I made for the “Celebrity” exhibition. As it turned out, it grabbed a lot of attention. I like to think that I might be crazy enough to make it, but someone is even crazier to have bought it. Art is really interesting, indeed.

Celebrity Artists
Celebrity Artists

Con Artist Gallery “Celebrity” Exhibition

Last night was the opening of the “Celebrity” exhibition at Con Artist Gallery on 119 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side, NYC. It was a great turnout and I was surprised that my piece got sold when the exhibition opened. I’m preparing for the show coming in December in the same gallery. Its theme is “Religion”. Should be fun.