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All Good Things Must Come to An End

In six days, I will walk on the stage at the Kodak Hall in Eastman Theatre and receive my Master of Science in Finance degree. There is a strange feeling in me that something special will happen, Maybe a new job, a new place to live, new people to meet, a new beginning, or all of the above.

It has been a strange and fruitful journey since I received my Bachelors of Arts in Chemistry nine years ago. So many things have happened and so many things have not happened. But that is OK. Life goes on and there are still opportunities. It’s never too late to clean the plate.

These past ten months I’ve learned that no matter what I am going through in life there are always people here to help me, either professionally or personally. And this will continue as I go on with my life. So I hope to give back as much as I can.

Life is truly like a roller coaster. I have to experience the bottom, then slowly climb to the top, only then will I feel the rush and the excitement. The Simon Business School year is one rung on the ladder of my way to the top. Everything else is up to me now. How far will I go, my destiny, is in my hands. I cannot wait to see what I can do next. There’s no better time to be alive than here and now.

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This Summer: East to West on a Bicycle

It was back in 2007 when I had the idea of bicycling across the United States. Now it’s eight years later and I seemed to have let myself down.

This summer, however, will be the Summer of Cycling. There is no better time to do something than now, as I have learned. Originally, I wanted to go with a friend. It seems like this is will not happen now that it’s been eight years. One thing I have learned is that if you really want to do something, go ahead and do it, even if it means you have to do it alone.

It takes about a little over two months on average to cycle from Allentown, PA, to Portland, OR. I will be mainly riding on the TransAmerica Trail that goes from Virginia to Oregon. The trip will start in mid-June and I plan on arriving in Oregon sometime in late August or early September.

So let this post be my official announcement of the trip. It will be another great adventure of a lifetime!

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On Life

Life, according to me, has four parts (as of this afternoon – January 19, 2015): Presence, Relationships, Materialism, and Contentment. Let me describe each.

Presence is how well I am in keeping things in perspective. We humans are barely in the last second of the last day in the cosmic calendar of the universe. Realize that what we do today will have little effect on the universe is crucial in keeping our sanity. Nothing really matters in the end. We are here just to enjoy life. Making an impact would be nice but it is not necessary. Experiences matter more. And we can only experience something by paying attention to it now.

Relationships, whether it’s family, friends, or significant others, are the glue to human society. Everybody is in a relationship with each other. Some people are strangers whom we will never meet. Some are strangers we will encounter. Some are people we have met but will probably never see again. Building strong relationships is advantageous overall. But there are many types of relationships. I would say family is number one. They are the people we should be able to rely on no matter what happens. Friends is number two, since some friends are merely fair weather friends. A relationship with a significant other will most likely result in positivity but it takes an enormous amount of trust. So for some people, it is optional.

Materialism is important in most people’s eyes. But to me it is tertiary, after Presence and Relationships. Materials, such as clothing, food, shelter, are necessary but only to a certain extent. I cannot wear all the fancy clothes at the same time, I cannot eat all the delicious foods in the world in one sitting, I cannot occupy two dimensions of space at the same time. There is a limit to material goods and that limit is different for each person. Keeping the limit low is like having the cost down so we can maximize the amount of profit.

Contentment, which I think encompasses the above three parts. Contentment is what most of us want. We would like to have little or no stress, to feel positive, and to be successful at whatever we do. Yet contentment resides in a cycle. To be content, we have to be healthy. To be healthy, we need to have relationships and materials so we live comfortably. To establish meaningful relationships and acquire the needed materials we need to work, which can led to stress, and sometimes discontentment.

To me, if contentment is the ultimate goal then everything else is extra. But to keep contentment long lasting, we need to have satisfied the first three parts. Presence is personal perspective on life. Relationship is how we deal with others. Materialism is how we would support ourselves. A good balance is what we should all try to achieve. And it is something I should remember as I walk life’s paths.