First Week of Career Discovery at GSD

I’m doing a Career Discovery program in architecture at The Graduate School of Design at Harvard for six weeks. The program started last Monday and already we’ve completed one of three projects.

The first project consists of two assignments. One is to make a 6 inch by 6 inch by 6 inch cube using only 90 degree angles and a fixed amount of material.

The second assignment is to choose an object and draw its elevations, sections, and plan. I chose a pencil sharpener. The second part of the assignment is to represent the object’s movement through drawings. Here I tried to interpret the angle of the pencil in relations to the blade of the pencil sharpener as it moves in space.

The program is intense but very educational. I especially like my instructor, who had practiced architecture for six and half years, and is very clear in her explanations. I also like my peers. They are very smart and range from college students to graduates to a 55 year old. Very interesting cohort, indeed.


Before I left NYC I submitted two photos to a NYC art startup called IMPartNYC. On Sunday, the 15th (almost two weeks ago), I attend their first art social in Upper East Side, Manhattan. It was a great experience. I met a bunch of artists whom I would never had the chance to meet.

The CEO/founder is a young gal named Roshni Shah and she’s a very outgoing, social person with a lot of ambition and great ideas. Basically, IMPartNYC is like Netflix for art. You rent a piece of art for a predetermined amount of time, then if you want to own it you can buy the work directly. Also check out IMPartNYC’s Facebook page to connect on Facebook.

Below are some photos from the event before there were a lot of people.

Triangle Filter Using Processing

It was a while back when I became aware of the work of a New York based painter named C. Finley. The geometric elements in most of her paintings was a play on math and color. I really like when science and art are combined into something different! It was during her exhibition at the Con Artist Gallery that I thought maybe I can replicate her style using Processing.

I’ve only taken a minor step into the more complex shapes C. Finley paints. In the image below I’ve created a filter that converts the pixels of an image into triangles. I can also change the triangles to squares or rectangles. But I’m not sure how I can add different shapes into this filter and have them organically form a recognizable image. That would take some serious algorithm. If I figure that out I’ll be sure to share it here.

Triangle Filter on Madison Town Hall
Triangle Filter on Madison Town Hall

Source code: Linux, Mac, Windows. (You might need to install Java to make the sketch work.)