I didn't do much in Kitakyushu since it rained when I arrived. I was also tired. The hostel I stayed wasn't good, either. I think the manager's relatives were staying at the hostel, too. There were two little kids running around in the living room. The following morning, I walked to the Kokura Castle and the Yasaka Shrine, which is next to the castle. I didn't even take too many photographs in Kitakyushu. Soon after, I took an express train to Fukuoka.

The Shinkansen bullet train

On my way to Kitakyushu

Sculpture at the train station

Monorails going into the station

Cool looking temple in the middle of the street

"Penne" man statues

Riverwalk mall

Kokura Castle

Castle framed by a torii gate

Interesting architecture of the Riverwalk mall

Walking along the banks

The gate at Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine

Inside the train station