I was in Himeji for two days. When I arrived on the first day I didn't do much since I felt a bit tired. After dropping off my backpack at the hostel, I took a stroll to the west side of the town. There wasn't too much to see except for some shops so I came back.

The next day, I went to the famous Himeji Castle, also known as the White Heron Castle due to its white color. The castle was in a great shape, having been renovated back in 2015. It was a castle that never got attacked. I loved its architecture, thus making it one of my favorite sights in Japan.

I bought a combination ticket so I after the castle I went the nearby Kokoen Park. It's a nice Japanese Park and I enjoyed my explorations there. I came back to the hostel in the afternoon to avoid the heat. I left Himeji on the third morning to Okayama.

The main district in Himeji is a covered shopping area. My hostel is located there, too.

One of many statues on the sidewalks

Himeji's sewage cap

Himeji Castle from afar

Zoomed in

Inside the castle compound

Inside one of the floors in the castle keep

Looking out from the castle

Top of the castle keep is a shrine

View of the castle from the bottom

The castle wall

Kokoen Garden

Koi pond

Perfect day for exploration

Vegetable gardens at the park

Another section of the park

Bamboo area inside the park

A water thing made from bamboo, not sure what it's called.


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