Day 55: Wedding Day in Gainesville

Yesterday morning, I rode a little over 10 miles from Juliane’s house in the northwest section of Gainesville to Ed’s house in the northeast of Gainesville. It was very foggy so I had to put lights on my bike.

Ride to Ed's house

I made it to Ed’s around 7:30 AM. This is the official destination of my bike tour from King of Prussia, PA. I was very glad that I made it safe and on time.

For the rest of the day, I hung out on the 5 acre property, helped Ed getting beer and ice, then enjoyed the wedding day. I had to take a nap in the late afternoon since I was tired, then I woke up again to enjoy the night. I ended up sleeping on Ed’s couch.

Me and the Carew family

Nicolette, Dan, and me

Me and Fizz

Me, Phil, Vanessa, Steve, Aliya, Steve

Fizz, Chloe, me

Ed and Hannah

Here’s some statistics of this bike tour.
  • Total miles: 1903
  • Total days: 55
  • Riding days: 44
  • Rest days: 11
  • Average miles per day, including rest days: 34.6
  • Average miles per riding day: 43.25
  • Total trip expense: ~$4000
  • Average expense per day: ~$72

This concludes the cycling to Florida bike tour.


  1. Great job, Hiatt! Lovely wedding photos as well.


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