Day 100: Vacaville to San Francisco

Yesterday morning, I was the first one up. After writing my blog post, Brenda made some awesome protein smoothies. I also had a piece of peanut butter and jelly toast. Around 8:15, Bob and Brenda got on their tandem bike and guided me through downtown Vacaville and took me to my route. From there on, I rode over 30 miles nonstop to Vallejo.

One of the coolest mailboxes I've seen

There were some hills that I had to walk up. I was glad to do them, knowing they will be one of last hills. I missed some turns because I was not familiar with the local roads. By the time I reached Vallejo it was already noon. Rather than having my celebratory lunch at Fisherman's Wharf, I decided to be more practical and ate a meal at China Wok.

Reaching Vallejo

I arrived at the Vallejo Ferry Building around 1 PM and bought a ticket for about $15. The next ferry will arrive at 2. As I was walking my bike to the terminal a group of people sitting outside at the bar inquired about my trip. They were very curious and asked many questions. One guy, named John, even bought a beer for me to celebrate. I talked with him and his friend, Tom, along with a Filipino guy named Roger. Soon, I had to leave to get on the ferry.

Roger, me, Tom, and John

The ferry took me to Fisherman's Wharf. As the San Francisco skyline appeared I felt an indescribable emotion and realized that a great journey has finally come to an end. I had a fear that something bad might happen to me near the last leg of my trip because I have been so lucky not to get hit by cars or have any accidents. Now that I've reached my destination I felt relieved.

Finally, San Francisco!

Fisherman's Wharf is one of the most touristy spots in San Francisco. I had to walk my bike because there were so many people. I decided to do one last thing to top off my trip: getting a root beer float at The Baked Bear ice cream parlor.

The last ice cream

After finishing my last ice cream, I walked my bike along the shore to Embarcadero then rode very carefully among the pedestrians to Hunters Point, where my host, Jack, lives. I ended up going to The Store House for a soda and waited for Jack to get off work at 6:30 PM.

Jack works as a software engineer at Yelp, an app that I used frequently to find restaurants and coffee shops on my trip. He is a great host and we talked about traveling for quite a bit. Jack has done a bicycle trip around Taiwan, something I hope to do in the near future.

We decided to stay at Jack's apartment for dinner. He made some delicious scrambled eggs and rice. Jack's friend, Raja, invited us to a nightclub. I was hesitant to go, but I decided not to let Jack down, so I agreed to go.

My final host, Jack

We walked over to Raja's apartment that's not too far away. I met Raja and his fiance, Anna. Raja loaned me a collared shirt and shoes. We went back to Jack's place, so I can change to a pair of jeans that Jack let me borrow. Anna's friend, Casey, also came along. The five of us got into an Uber and arrived at Love Propaganda nightclub around 11 PM.

Outside the club, I met three more of Raja's friends. I don't go clubbing much, but I had a decent time because the club played 2000s music. We stayed for about 2 hours. Jack and I decided to come back and the rest of the crew went to another club. As soon as we got back I went to bed, ending my last riding day.