Day 61: Montrose to Ridgway

After writing my blog, I listened to some music while waiting for Amanda and Edi to show up. It's rare that I get to listen to music on this trip. I had sent my headphones back home during the first week of the trip. Listening to music is such a pleasure and a privilege.

Amanda and Edi came at about 8:45 AM. I helped take down some old ceiling tiles and cut new ones. I also helped paint the new tiles and put them up. Lastly, I helped paint the wall from a green color to white. I felt some physical labor is good once in a while.

Around 11:30, I said my goodbyes to Edi and Amanda. Not far away from the house is Chang Thai Cuisine. I had a plate of spicy drunken noodles before hitting the road.

Drunken noodles never fail

It's only about 26 miles to Ridgway from Montrose. My bike computer malfunctioned again and didn't register the first two miles. The road had decent wide shoulders in most parts and it was mostly flat with a slight incline at the end.

The mountains ahead

Boats in the distance

After about two and half hours to get to Ridgway, I leaned my bike against a flower basin and went inside the convenience store to get an ice cream cone. When I came out and was about to ride, I noticed some black paint from the flower basin had stained one of my white panniers. I guess the paint was cheap and had melted. I can't do anything now except hoping the paint would dry off and erode away.

I rode into town and arrived at my Warmshowers host's place. Deborah, who had replied to me yesterday about hosting me, is actually in the Bahamas. She placed a lot of trust in me by giving me the code to the garage so I can stay at her empty house. I'm so grateful and surprised that she can host me.

The view of the backyard

After taking a shower, I decided to go to the library to use the internet and write my blog post. I didn't feel like bothering Deborah for the password to her WiFi. I plan on getting dinner in town and ride to Telluride tomorrow. Telluride is actually off route, but Tony told me it's a town kind of like Aspen. A lot of rich people have properties there, such as Oprah Winfrey and Ralph Lauren. I'm hoping to get a Warmshowers host there. If not, I might camp at the city park.