Day 39: Farmington to Ellington

In front Al’s Place is the Route 76 sign. Crispin and I took our last pictures there. Crispin had became a really good friend. As I rode away I started to cry. I don’t know when I will see him again. I hope to visit him in Greensboro, North Carolina, sometime soon.

Last photo of Crispin on our trip

Our selfie

Crispin had named his bike Rocinante, the horse that Don Quixote rode on. While Don Quixote was looking for windmills, Crispin was always looking for cell phone towers. I don’t know why everytime he sees a cell phone tower he had to let me know. Maybe he’s the modern day Don Quixote. A little goofy and a friendly talker. As I rode by a cell phone tower, I know that he’ll be guiding me on this trip. Ironically, my phone doesn’t get good signal out here.

Looks like a storm is coming my way, but it didn't rain

Even though I finished the leftover General Tso’s chicken this morning, I was still hungry. In the town of Pilot Knob, I had a huge breakfast at The Rustler Cafe. Then I rode all the way to Ellington, stopping for ice cream at a gas station convenience store on the way.

Flag of the losers spotted in Missouri

After 60 miles of riding since this morning, I arrived in Ellington around 1:30 PM. I stopped at the first restaurant I saw, Checo’s, a Mexican restaurant. I ordered the Fajitas lunch special. It was the most food I’ve had in one meal. And I ate it all!

So much food. And it was only $7.50!

Then I tried to find the biker hostel in town. I called the police department to get the code to the door but no one answered. I ended up asking two men who were standing behind the police station. One guy, named Brian, called the deputy to ask for the information. The other guy is named Wade. We chatted for a bit. Once Brian told me the code to the lock, I found the hostel behind a large pavilion, next to the Mason Lodge. I’m the only one there so far.

Biker hostel in Ellington

After taking a much needed nap, I took a shower. Then I decided to do some food shopping at the Dollar General since my food supply is running low. I also brought my iPad to Checo’s to use the internet. I had a soft taco for dinner since my lunch was huge.

Tonight, I will most likely be the only one in the hostel. I plan to sleep early since I have nothing else to do.