Day 32: White Mills to Falls of Rough

Crispin and I got up quite early, way before the sunrise. After packing up our things, we chatted for a bit while drink some soda. The sky was still dark so we took our time. This was the earliest I’ve gotten up on the trip so far.

Started our day before the sunrise

When there was light out we left the fire station. The convenience store that we went for dinner the day before was open for breakfast. We knew from the map there wasn’t going to be one for a while, so we ate some breakfast sandwiches.

More convenience store food

We climbed one major hill and more smaller roller coaster hills. Before the town of McDaniels, we arrived at another convenience store and restaurant. Crispin bought a sandwich and I bought an ice cream bar. We noticed that we had moved to a different time zone and gained an hour. It was weird for the time zone to change within a state. In any case, we’re now in the central time zone.

First ice cream bar of the day

We rode passed McDaniels and soon arrived at the next restaurant called Little Dave’s. Both of us were hungry despite the food we ate earlier. I had a chicken salad and Crispin had a chef salad. The temperature was getting hot out there, but we rode over 30 miles in the morning already.

Beautiful day for riding, but a bit too hot

In Falls of Rough, we had a snack at the local restaurant. I had an yet another ice cream bar. Crispin told me that we should get a motel next door since it’s too hot for him to ride. I could make it to our original destination of Fordsville, but what’s the hurry. So I agreed with Crispin to stay in the motel.

First time staying in a motel on the trip

In the motel room, I took a three hour nap then a shower. It was only 4 PM when we decided to go back to the restaurant next door to get some dinner. I had a bucket of eight chicken tenders, but couldn’t finish them so Crispin helped me. Today will be half a rest day. Tomorrow and the day after will be hotter with temperature in the 90s.

I wished my mother a happy Mother’s Day on the phone, then I went to sleep again. I guess the good thing about this day is that I was able to catch up on my sleep. Tomorrow, Crispin and I have to aim for 42 miles to Utica before the heat. I think we can do it.

On a side note, I don't take photographs of roadkills even though I see at least three a day. Today was especially sad when I saw a dead skunk on the road. Next to it was a baby skunk, still alive, guarding its mother. What a sad sight on Mother's Day.