Second to Last Day at Work

Today, our solutions department had a send off lunch for me at Cantina Feliz. Cantina Feliz was the restaurant that held our last solutions lunch back in 2017 when three new team members were hired. It was also one of the first restaurants that I went to with my coworkers when I first started my job. Things tend to go full circle sometimes. Matt, my friend and the director of the department, took a great picture of us at the restaurant. Due to privacy reasons, I don’t think I should post a group photo on the internet without permission, but I will cherish that picture as a milestone in my career and all the memories I had working with everyone. Looking back, we had some great times together.

Soon after lunch I had to go to the dentist to get my tooth pulled since it has a fracture. I thought it’ll be a simple procedure like the last time when one of my teeth was pulled, but my dentist recommended that I do a PRF, which is a procedure that takes the fibrin from my blood to cover the wound so it’ll heal faster. The reason is that she thinks the wound might open when I breath heavily during my bicycle trip. So to make sure that the wound heals, she recommended PRF. At first I didn’t want to since the cost will be out of pocket, but then I thought to be safe I should do it. The whole process took longer than I thought but my dentist did a really great job. So here’s a shout out to Dr. Paola Rodriguez at Signature Smile in Fort Washington, PA!

I have all the things I need for the trip. I bought a tent due to a coworker’s recommendation. I also bought an iPad. It’ll be easier to type up my blog since there isn’t a good app for Android. (Surprising since both Blogger and Android are Google products.) I downloaded the map of the first section of my trip from the Bicycle Route Navigator app. It works fine and should work offline as well. There are some last minute things I need to do such as get a haircut, do laundry, pack, sign up for health insurance, etc.

I’ve been checking the weather. It’ll snow this Saturday, which is so abnormal. But on Thursday the 12th, it’ll be cloudy, which is better than rain (or snow for that matter). So looks like I’m all set to go a week from today. Excited, sad, add a little anxiety and fear, sounds like a perfect trip already!

PS: Here's the photograph of the solutions department. I figured enough time has passed and now it's safe to post this picture.

Feith's solutions department (from left to right): Chris, Mike, Me, Ashley, Josh, Chris, Austin, Chris, Amanda, Evi, and Josh