Two Weeks

Today, I gave my two weeks to my supervisor at my job. My last day will be April 6.

I felt a little overwhelmed for the rest of the day. I really got the ball rolling, fast.

Just this Wednesday I decided to bicycle across the US and two days later (today) I gave my resignation. Sure, I might be better off if I thought about it more, but I feel I need to strike the iron while it's hot. If I give myself too much time thinking about it then I might just chicken out.

This reminds me of the time when I booked my Europe trip in 2016. I decided I really wanted to go there and booked the plane ticket that night.

I normally don't rush into decisions though. This bicycling trip has been on my mind on and off for quite some years. The last time I wrote a post about it was in 2015, after graduating from Simon Business School at the University of Rochester. I had earned a Master of Science in Finance, but I never used the degree in my professional life. At the time, I wanted to ride my bicycle across the country, but I didn't have much money, so getting a job was more important. The time before that was probably around 2013 when I bought a bunch of gears for my bicycle, thinking I will go on the trip later that year. But I chickened out.

This time is different. It just feels right. It's officially spring despite the recent nor'easter. Here in Philadelphia we got about a foot of snow. I'm at a good stopping point at work where I can leave the project to someone else. I've saved a good chunk of money over the past year and half. I have a 1999 Cannondale M400 bright orange bicycle that's in great condition and waiting to be tested. Plus, I have most of the gears I need for the trip. I'm currently weighing at 170 pounds. It's a good time to lose some weight. Also I set up this website just last night. I still have some things on my to do list but everything is coming together.

I hope to leave during the week of April 9th. You can join me on my journey, if not physically then digitally. If you want to be informed by email of the latest blog post feel free to hit the SUBSCRIBE link at the top of this website. My Instagram account is if you want to see photos from the trip. And my Facebook is