Taipei, Part 2: Days 1 to 4

I arrived from Taichung to Taipei four days ago and stayed for three nights at Meander Hostel, the same hostel I stayed before in Taipei back in October. I had good memories of the place when I met Chris, Christine, Jonathan, and Hyun here. The hostel has replaced some old furnitures and there are now new people staying there. I did see Will, the hostel volunteer, there from last time. He returned to Meander to be with his new girlfriend.

I didn't do much in Taipei in terms of exploration. The weather has gotten colder, around 13 C, or about 55 F. I thought about buying a long sleeve shirt or a thicker jacket, but I have not done so yet.

Yesterday, I moved to a sublet apartment called The Meeting Place that I found on Airbnb. It feels more like a dorm. It has four bedrooms and each bedroom has about four beds. Most of the people staying here are either students or workers. I paid NTD 8000, which is about $260, for 30 days of staying. This is much cheaper than any hostel in Taipei. For some reason, the hostel prices are much more expensive during this time of the year.

I want to learn more Chinese in Taipei and meet more locals. However, I feel my mood will go down because the weather is colder and I might get bored in the apartment. I hope to occupy my time wisely while in Taipei.

Meander Hostel common area

Delicious meal with pork and rice

Taipei Botanical Garden

The pond in Taipei Botanical Garden

So much good food!

The common area in the sublet apartment