Taipei: Days 8 to 10

I don't remember doing too much on Wednesday. I hung out with Hyun and a German traveler named Dominic for a bit when we went out for a late lunch. Thursday around noon time Chris arrived at the hostel. He immediately clicked with the few friends I had met at hostel. These include Jonathan, a French traveler, Christine, a Chinese-French girl, and Hyun. In the afternoon, Jonathan, Chris, and I went to Sun Yat-Sun Memorial Hall. We then went up to the 89th floor of Taipei 101 and watched the sunset. We also met Hyun at Taipei 101 by chance. I had to go on a date with a Taiwanese girl at 6 PM so I left Chris, Jonathan, and Hyun.

The date was good overall. I had never dated a Chinese girl before so I felt awkward during the conversation at times. I think it's a cultural difference. When I came back to the hostel I met up with Chris, Jonathan, Hyun, and Christine at an izakaya restaurant, which is a Japanese bar. We ended up going to a karaoke place and didn't come back to the hostel until 1:30 AM. I was so tired by the time I came back.

Yesterday, I was the tour guide again and brought Chris to the 228 Park and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall before meeting Christine, Hyun, and Jonathan for a late lunch at a noodle shop. In the afternoon, Chris and I went to Longshan Temple and the night market nearby called Guangzhou Street Night Market.

For dinner, I walked with Christine and Hyun to another night market at Dadaocheng Pier Plaza that's about a mile away north from the hostel. Hyun opened up about his past life and it was very enlightening to learn about his struggles when he was young to a man he has become. I shared some of my past as well and Christine shared a bit about hers. It was a great evening with some deep conversations.

When we came back to the hostel, it was close to midnight. Today, the five of us will go to the National Palace Museum and explore that area.

The restaurant that's run by a older couple near the hostel

Dominic and Hyun

This place has the best pork buns and there is always a long line.

Me, Jonathan, and Chris at the Taipei 101

Sunset over Taipei

Chris, Me, Hyun, Jonathan, and Christine

The Red House in Ximending

Karaoke with the gang

Presidential Office Building

Another visit to Longshan Temple

Chris enjoying the waterfalls at Longshan Temple

Guangzhou Street Night Market

Taiwanese waffles with red bean cream filling

A typical store in Taipei that sells parts

Dadaocheng Pier Plaza