Osaka: Days 2, 3, and 4

Day 2 (August 18)

I took the subway north to see the Umeda Sky Building. The admission to the top of the building was expensive, 1500 JPY, but it was still reasonable compared to admission fees in the US. After taking some photos there, I walked through Nakagakicho area, where it's more bohemian, before arriving at a sushi restaurant called Harukoma Honten. The place was very crowded and I felt claustrophobic sitting at the counter. I had some sashimi for lunch then took the subway back to the hostel. For dinner, I had noodles in dipping sauce at Tsukekamoudon Kamokin Ebisu, as it was recommended by Takuro, the owner of the hostel.

A sculpture by the subway station in Umeda

Another sculpture that's next to the green bear

Umeda Sky Building from the bottom

On the escalator to the top floor

View from the top floor

Cafe inside the observatory

The Sky Garden at the top

View from the Sky Garden

Escalators for visitors

Looking up at the Umeda Sky Building

A cool geometric garden not too far from the Umeda Sky Building

Soba and udon noodles dipped in sauce

Day 3 (August 19)

I've been having some negative thoughts about traveling. I felt tired and bored and just want to go home. Maybe I'm feeling a bit depressed since the hostel doesn't have any windows and it feels like a dungeon there. I hope this feeling passes soon.

I didn't do much on this day, but I did find a good coffee shop a few minutes away from the hostel. It's called Marufuku. They had a coffee and egg sandwich set for 350 JPY, or $2.50. It's a great deal and the food is very good. Later in the day, I walked to the nearby Tenshiba Park, where I bought some food at the grocery store there. Then I walked to the Shinsekai shopping district that's right next to the park and had my first taste of Kobe beef. It tasted just OK. Maybe I got the fake version. I will be going to Kobe anyway to try the real thing. This is just a teaser.

A cool looking house on my stroll to Marufuku

Tenshiba Park

Walking to the Shinsekai shopping district

Shinsekai shopping district

Kobe beef

Shinsekai shopping district and the Tsutenkaku Tower

Day 4 (August 20)

I felt better emotionally, but I still don't like to stay inside the hostel since it's so dark. In the morning, I tried another coffee shop called Kissa Camel. It was 400 JPY for one cup of coffee. Marufuku is a better deal.

I decided to take the subway to Osaka Castle and paid the 600 JPY admission ticket to go inside. I didn't stay long to read the history of the castle since I get confused over all the different names and time periods. I walked all the way up to the top floor and enjoyed the view of Osaka. Once I came back to the hostel I stayed in for the rest of the day since it was so hot outside.

Osaka Castle

Miniature figures that my dad would appreciate

View from the top of the castle

Every castle must have its moat.

Another view of Osaka Castle

The sun shines on Osaka Castle

The castle and the bridge


  1. My husband and I had Kobe beef on our last night in Tokyo. It was incredibly expensive ($260 for our 2 dishes) but it was the best beef we've ever had in our lives. The meat was so tender that it melted in your mouth. Maybe there are different levels or abilities of the chef, but ours were delicious. I think I would be miserable, too in that small hostel with no real space to be alone and the suffocating muggy weather.

    1. I will go to Kobe to try the Kobe beef. I heard it's the cheapest there. The one I had did not melt in my mouth so I guess the quality was subpar. I just didn't like that there's no sunlight inside the hostel since there are no windows. There is a common area and the AC helps. You are right, August in Japan is kind of unbearable, but then what else was I going to do? Stay home for another month? Lol!


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