Osaka: Days 0 and 1

Day 0 (August 16)

I arrived at the hostel in Osaka around 2 PM. It's the most untidy hostel I've stayed at so far. But I was glad that my bed is on the lower level since I'll be staying in Osaka for six days. For dinner, I went to Cafe de Izumi, which was recommended by Chris, the traveler I had met in Tokyo. Cafe de Izumi is run by an older couple who didn't know any English. I used Google Translate to communicate with them. 

A bit untidy and crowded

A cute fire truck in Osaka

A cute sports car. The brand is called Copen.

Cafe de Izumi

Day 1 (August 17)

I walked to Den den town, where there were a lot of shops selling manga and anime items. I've grown up from these things so I didn't buy anything. As it turned out, all the places I walked to were shopping areas, including Dotombori and Shinsaibashi, where they also had an Amerika-Mura area for western goods. For lunch, I finally had Wagyu beef, with pasta. After I got back to the hostel I took a nap. Then after sunset, I walked about 10 minutes to Tobita Shinchi, Osaka's red light district. I just took some pictures of the cool streets and didn't partake in any activities.

A store in Den den town, preparing to open.

Indoor mall

More stores

Dotombori shopping district

More shopping

So many people

Cool sign

Shops along the river

I had Wagyu beef with pasta at the restaurant MNY Cafe. It was so smokey in the restaurant.

Tobita Shinchi - Osaka's red light district