Nara: Days 2 and 3

Day 2 (August 15)

There was a typhoon so I stayed indoors most of the day. I had to book another night in Nara and cancel my first day of stay in Osaka since all the trains were not running.

Typhoon hitting right where I'm at.

The guest house's common area

Sleeping quarters

Provided free by the guest house

The market in Nara

It's ramen for dinner!

The biggest bowl of ramen I've had in Japan. It's not even the largest on the menu.

Day 3 (August 16)

It was my last day in Nara and the rain had stopped. I walked south to the Naramachi neighborhood where there were a lot of old houses. I ended up doing a food tour by getting some wagashi, which are Japanese confection, at a store called Kasiya.  Then I had Kakinohasushi (sushi wrapped in persimmon leaves) at Kakinohasushi Hompo Tanaka, and ate a taiyaki (fish shaped pastry) at Kakoi. My train to Osaka was late by almost an hour, probably due to the typhoon.

Rain had stopped and the streets are quiet in the morning.

The Naramachi neighborhood

Sculptures in front of the Nara Craft Museum

Kasiya - a confection store

Bought these from Kasiya

I don't know what this is called, but it's red bean paste in a bamboo container. To get the paste out, you have to puncture a hole at the bottom and then the paste will come out.


Different types of noodles for sale, including plum.

Kakinohasushi (top right): sushi wrapped in persimmon leaves. Tasted like regular sushi.

Diagram on the menu that told me which sushi is which.

Kakinohasushi Hompo Tanaka, where I had the Kakinohasushi

Kakoi - the shop that sold taiyaki (fish shaped pastry)

This taiyaki has a cream filling. Others have red bean filling.

Snacks I bought for my train ride to Osaka: Some kind of snack made from rice and sugar, dried plums, peanuts covered with wasabi (I think), and spicy kelp.


  1. You have done things that hadn't occur to me to try like the sushi sampler. You make a good guide.

    1. Thanks, Joan! I try to eat different dishes as I travel in Japan.


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