Why I Decided to Write and Publish My Biography


Looking back, the short answer to why I wrote my biography is "why not" and the short answer to why I published my biography is again "why not." A follow up answer to both questions is "why not now."

As I grew older I realized that time is limited and if I want to start something the best time to do it is now. Waiting for January 1st to start a new year resolution is to waste the rest of the previous year. Now is the best time to write a book, start a company, invest in yourself, etc. And only do it if you truly believe you want to.

I remember in my college days I wanted to write my biography, even though I was around 20 at the time and didn't have many life experiences. Little did I know, at that time I was going through something, like many college students. The questions of what I should do for the future and how am I going to pay back my debts were just a few burdens I was dealing with.

After college, I was left with a lot of time to ponder. And what I wanted to do more than anything was to write down my life, in case of the very likelihood of death.

At first, I tried to write in a traditional way, just paragraphs after paragraphs. It was draining as a writer and boring as a reader. So, I decided to change my style of writing and made the entire autobiography an interview. Readers, mostly my friends, have reported to me that it's entertaining and interesting.

I finished my biography around 2013 and it took about a year for Remy Kayal, a friend of mine at the time, to edit. I wanted people to read it, but only certain people, so I made the paradoxical decision create a website and host my biography on it. You had to know about the URL and I didn't publicize it. That website has been taken down a couple of years ago.

The decision to publish my biography on Amazon through Kindle eBook and paperback was on a whim. I made the decision quickly and in a matter of hours I had the Kindle edition published since I already have the final version. It took a few days to revise the formatting, make the cover, and submit the paperback.

I realized that the people who really wants to read my biography are the ones who are willing to sacrifice a cup of latte or two so that they can get to know me a little more.

I don't expect the book be a bestseller. My biography is solely a project of my own for my own. If you are interested in reading, the links are below: