Day 72: Hanksville to Torrey

Yesterday, while I was eating dinner at Stan’s Burger Shack, John and Sarah walked in. I was surprised because Sarah had told me John got a room elsewhere after his bike broke down. It turned out that he did arrive and asked me if I can still room with him. I said sure, since I already booked a room with two beds for $110. John and Sarah will stay in Hanksville for another day since John is unable to ride due to his physical and mental limitations.

Riding a bicycle long distance is physically challenging, and most people don’t think about the mental part until it hits them. When people ask me what I’m riding for, I reply that I’m riding for mental health. It’s not about whether someone has a mental illness, most “healthy” people can’t even do it. It’s about the mental state of mind.

Soon after I got back to my room, John came back and paid me his portion of the motel bill. I went to bed soon after.

This morning, I woke up a little after 6. I got all my things ready before 7 and left the motel. I had an omelette at Duke’s Slickrock Grill since it was the only restaurant that opened at 7 AM. Before I started riding about a quarter before 8, I remembered that I had reached over 3000 miles on my odometer the previous day. After snapping a picture of my bike computer, I started my ride.

Made it over 3000 miles yesterday. Actual distance is about 52 miles more.

Utah is beautiful in that the scenery is always changing as I ride. Sure, that sounds obvious, but I might pass by some mesas in the beginning, then pass by some weird looking rock formations, and then ride along a stream for a bit. Also not to forget the hills I rode or walked and the strong headwind coming from the northwest.



Strange rocks

I took three rest stops on my near 50 mile ride into Torrey. One was at Mesa Farm Market where I bought a drink, the other was at a rest area where I ate some snacks, and the last one was the Capitol Reef visitor center where I refilled my water bottles and bought a soda.

So many tourists here. Had to wait awhile to get this picture.

I almost got hit by the same tour bus going to the visitor center and going away from it. The driver had a whole lane to avoid me, but he didn't go over, giving me about a foot of space between me and the bus. Luckily, I wasn't hit.

Just before I rode into town, I had lunch at La Cueva Restaurante Mexicano. I was going to buy a bar of soap at the convenience store next door, but it was $4 for one bar. That’s way too much in my opinion.

Lunch is served!

After walking and riding another 4 miles or so, I arrived at Sand Creek RV Park on the west side of Torrey. Harry, the owner, showed me the bike tent where I’ll be staying. After settling down, I took a shower. Once I finish writing this blog post I will get something to eat and relax a bit before I go to bed.

The bike tent at Sand Creek RV Park