End of Day 19: Christiansburg to Radford

After leaving the Burger King in Christiansburg I rode about 12 miles to Radford. The road is the usual ups and downs. I was able to find a host so I got lucky. His name is Keith and his girlfriend, Shannon, lives with him. They also have a three legged dog named Ida Mae.

After I took a shower, Keith gave me a ride to Latino’s Taste, a local restaurant not too far. I ordered three pupusas, a tamale, and four tacos. I was a happy camper. After dinner I decided to walk a little further downtown, but there wasn’t much to see. I decided to walk back to the house.

Pupusas, among others

Keith's chickens

Tonight, I’ll be camping out on Keith’s front yard since he doesn’t have a room for me. That’s fine with me. It shouldn’t be too cold tonight.

Shannon, Keith, and their dog, Ida Mae

I also learned that Keith had bicycled throughout Southeast Asia in the early 2000’s when there weren’t smart phones. I have no idea how he survived the trip.

Sunset over Radford