Day 13: Doswell to Mineral

I slept for about nine hours last night, a much needed rest after the 52 mile ride from the day before. Kathleen had to leave so we bid farewell. I had a super fruity cereal that had raisins and cranberries, along with a cup of orange juice and a cup of coffee. Dave even added more fruits to his cereal. No wonder he’s so healthy at the age of 82!

The rain had started already, though lightly. It will rain the whole day. After breakfast, I said goodbye to Dave and got on the road.

Even though I was wearing a rain jacket and rain pants, my shoes and my feet still got soaked due to the rain. Again, there wasn’t any coffee shops or restaurants along the road, but I was glad that I’m actually riding west on the TransAmerica route.

It rained the entire day

Very few cars on the road

Crossing Lake Anna

Almost to the commune

The road going to Mineral were two lanes, one going each direction, with few cars. I made good speed, just like yesterday. I stopped by a post office to send out my pants since Adrian had given me his, so I don't need two. I rode from 9 AM to 2 PM and only stopped to eat a granola bar and to drink water. My host for tonight is a girl named Ingrid, who lives in a commune called Acorn. She had called me and told me the directions provided by Google Maps may be wrong depending where I’m coming from. As it turned out, she was right. I couldn’t find the street number and had to go back. Then I looked at the map on Warmshowers and found the place. As it turned out, there wasn’t a street number for the commune.

I met Ingrid, who’s in her twenties. She showed me around the commune and the place where I was going to sleep, which consisted of bunk beds. After I changed to some dry clothes, I helped Ruthie and Birddog, two young community members, with chopping vegetables for tonight’s dinner. When I returned get something out of my bike, I realized that my panniers are not waterproof and water had gotten inside of them. Luckily, I stored things in plastic bags, dry sacks, and compartments so nothing major got damaged. I left my things out to dry and then I came to another realization, I could have wrapped the socks on my feet with plastic bags so my feet wouldn’t have gotten wet. Oh the things I’ve learned today!

Wet but safe

We had dinner around 6 PM. I ate some broccoli, carrots, frittata, something that’s similar to perogies, and spoon bread. I even had two helpings since I was so hungry. Tonight, I’m just going to chill and relax. Tomorrow, I will be riding to Sarah and Bob’s place in Charlottesville. Sarah and Bob are Tammy’s sister and father, respectively. And Tammy is my friend Matt’s wife, who was also my supervisor at work.

Tonight's dinner

I hope to get a good night’s rest and that my clothes will be dry for tomorrow’s ride.